Innovative Power Units

Kratospack S.r.l. in Parabiago (Milan, Italy) proposes a new range of power units in order to satisfy the several requirements in the market of the industrial automation.

The power unit is the synthesis of two applied technologies: the pneumatic motion, fast and cheap, used for the approach and the return from the working area and the hydraulic power increase, obtained by a mixed multiplications system of compressed air-hydraulic oil, whilst the strict and indispensable separation of the two fluids is guaranteed. The power units proposed by this Company are initially in the bores Ø mm. 50, 63, 80, 100, 125 with future extension to bores 160 mm. and 200 mm. They can be used either mounted on a production line or on a crack/column structure (press) or on all those applications where a fast approach to the working area is required, with a relatively short working stroke.

The speeds of approach and return from the working area allow very fast cycles with a consequent increase of the productivity. For all above mentioned bores two versions are already available: the HLU version , in which the hydraulic multiplier is positioned in line with the pneumatic actuator, and the HPU version in which the hydraulic multiplier is positioned in parallel with the pneumatic actuator.

Such products of Kratospack are an excellence of a technology MADE IN ITALY and their quality is guaranteed by the constant attention to the quality of components and of machining operations. Finally, the assembled product is 100 % electronically tested with recording and specific filing of data. For further information