Level, pressure, rotation and temperature control



Euroswitch,based in Sale Marasino (Brescia, Italy), specialises in the production of level, pressure, rotation and temperature sensors.

Euroswitch presents an assortment of its new developments and product lines, which include level sensors, pressure switches, vacuum switches, and speed, temperature and rotation sensors. In particular, the company will present its new vacuum-thermostat and differential pressure switches with an electric / visual signal, which are used in the filtration industry for controlling filter clogging.

Differential pressure switches.


  • Vacuum-thermostat.Designed for simultaneous vacuum and temperature control in systems of various kinds and featuring unique sensitivity and response speed.  It prevents false low-temperature alarms at the start-up stage. The purpose of the new vacuum-thermostat, which is entirely designed by Euroswitch’s research and development division, is to avoid the defects of the known technology and respond promptly and sensitively to temperature changes in vacuum alerts in the fluid.
  • Differential clogging indicators. Differential pressure switches for detecting filter clogging in hydraulic systems. The range comprises models with adjustable pressure values and custom ones for special applications. The main ones are models 80 and 81 (with electric signal), model 86 (with visual signal) and the new electronic differential indicator with a 4-20mA signal and two programmable thresholds.
Pressure switches range.

Pressure switches and vacuum switches  Euroswitch designs and manufactures pressure switches and vacuum switches with adjustable or fixed setting, in versions with an NO/NC contact or SPDT.

Speed sensors.

Level sensors This product line includes electromechanical level sensors of the on/off type or with a continuously variable resistive signal, which are used for controlling non-conductive liquids, such as fuels and oils, and electromagnetic level sensors, which are suitable for any type of liquid and use the force of the magnet in the float to change the electric status of a reed contact.

Temperature sensors Vast range of bimetal disc thermostats and NTC-PTC sensors, which can be customised on request to meet any temperature control or regulation requirements in different sectors.

Hall-effect speed and rotation sensors Designed to measure the rotation speed and angle position of high-speed-rotating elements, such as gears, phonic wheels, camshafts and crankshafts. An extensive voltage range, normally 6-24V DC, and a maximum operating frequency of 15kHz make them suitable for heavy-duty applications.