Linear systems: 100% made-in-Italy quality

Linear systems: 100% made-in-Italy quality and excellence

First designing and manufacturing company of Linear Systems for industry in Italy, Impex Tecniche Lineari has based its growth always, and unceasingly, staking on quality, flexibility and innovation, never stopping investing. Over 35 years of history during which expertise and competences, supported by technological research and constant development, have allowed making available for the market a broader and broader proposal of solutions, grouped under Movitec brand.

Cristina Torba, owner of Impex Tecniche Lineari together with her brother Maurizio

How can you subdivide your product range?

«Movitec is the brand that groups our primary product lines – explains Cristina Torba, owner, together with her brother Maurizio, of Impex Tecniche Lineari – that is to say: the range of electromechanical and pneumatic Linear Tables, respectively TV and TP series made of aluminium and C45 steel; “Small” micro Linear Tables LV for extremely reduced overall dimensions; Bi-Rail and One-Rail linear modules in new configurations; Linear Units series CP, extremely flexible product, it too fully in-house developed by us.

Bi-Rail MVP130 Linear module, 300 mm stroke, vertically mounted with electro-pneumatic stop system

We are speaking of a broad choice of largely configurable Linear Systems, supplied with an as wide choice of typologies of transmission, sliding, materials, protections, drives and eventual options, to satisfy the most different requirements. These already large diversified families are joined by countless special designs, customized upon single specification. In brief, our daily market challenge is based on a precise operational philosophy that has always driven our activity: applications must not suit our product but the product itself, due to a configurability that is hardly found in terms of variety on the market, must succeed in satisfying customers’ performance requirement».

 In all this, how much does innovation matter?

«Innovation – Torba adds – represents the key growth element, to which our company, also in these recent not easy years, has dedicated time and resources. In the last biennium, we have succeeded in accomplishing some projects and ideas that were waiting for the final development. With not little fatigue, but supported by our skilled motivated in-house work team, with the addition of as qualified numerous induced activities that back us in constant market challenges.

Bi Rail MVP090 linear module, 800 mm stroke, with bellows cover and stainless-steel slats, to protect in case of dusty environments, machining or welding scraps

Among the latest accomplished projects, I would like to highlight a new range completion with the integration, as standard, of the family of Linear Tables, also made of C45 and stainless steel, in addition to the always-available execution of extruded aluminium and aluminium, besides the implementation of a new cover typology for Bi-Rail and One-Rail linear modules with stainless steel strap. Moreover, we have also developed some technical solutions that pave the way to interesting applicative opportunities of some of our products also in controlled environments, such as for instance in white chambers. To this end, we have equipped all of our linear axes with micro-holes that we call “Clean Air”, that is to say the perfect way to keep transmission and sliding organs further protected, ensuring utmost reliability and duration in time».

TVP150-TVP200-TVP300 linear tables, made of C45 steel, for grinding operations or other high-precision operations

What are the new targets which Impex Tecniche Lineari is more focusing on?

«Concerning 2022 –Cristina Torba in person explains – the central themes on which we will bet will regard the in-house implementation completion of interconnections in terms of Industry 4.0, to further improve our efficiency, in combination with our team’s unceasing training. Another project in course is the development of the new on-line configurator, which will allow identifying the searched product in guided manner, according to technological requisites, including all possible options and accessories. Starting from 2023, the new configurator will also ensure new levels of interaction with the design office and then will enable a direct channel between us and our customers’ technical offices, according to a B2B vision».

How do you instead imagine your company in 10 years?

«I imagine Impex Tecniche Lineari still growing – Cristina Torba ends – a progressive constant growth, made of small steps, as it happened in the over 35 years of our history. Still with innovation and customer service as central fundamental elements of the whole activity. 

Linear module equipped with Clean Air holes to keep internal organs clean, so extending its service life

The will is to go on in-house implementing all of our systems, strictly controlling the entire product development cycle. Only in this way we can ensure the highest reliability levels, that is to say 100 % made-in-Italy excellence and quality, acknowledged and appreciated also on a world scale, as confirmed by the numerous markets supplied at international level, too».

(by Gianandrea Mazzola)