Local manufacturing and international ranking

Aignep Group has succeeded in evolving, matching a strong territorial rooting and a sound bent for expanding on worldwide markets, through a broad articulated productive offer and a widespread distribution network. Face to face with Graziano Bugatti.

Unceasing innovation, evolution of technological solutions and constant widening of the manufacturing offer: due to this approach, today Aignep is a reference reality for manufacturers in several industrial sectors. The company was established in 1976 at Bione (Brescia, Italy) as subcontractor of fittings for the heating industry, taking advantage of operating in an industrial district specialized in taps and fittings. Currently the company designs and manufactures a complete Aignep-branded product range in the Fluid Power field.

Graziano Bugatti, General Manager of Aignep.

One of the company’s main highlights consists in having preserved the whole production in Italy: «Our solutions are implemented in our Brescia plant – Graziano Bugatti, General Manager of Aignep started explaining – The only exception are some products intended for the North American market that must comply with local regulations and are customized in the USA branch». In its growth and evolution, Aignep has managed to maintain a sound territorial rooting, while constantly addressing foreign markets: at present the company exports in over 90 Countries in the world through a widespread network of distributors and seven subsidiaries headquartered in America, China, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and France. «By means of this network, we can be always close to customers’ requirements locally and we support them with the technical division equipping our Italian head office». Nowadays, as much as 70% of the company’s turnover is made up by sales on foreign markets and the remaining 30% is achieved in our Country: «In the last few years, we have progressively approached new markets to extend our business opportunities – the Manager specified- Meanwhile we have gone on investing in Italy, focusing on the team’s training and on the employment of specialized resources, to offer an increasingly skilled technical service». Among the geographical areas deemed most interesting, especially in a future perspective, Asia stands out: «According to our estimates and assessments, this continent can offer noteworthy potentialities. We are trying to enlarge our presence also through our new Chinese branch that we recently set up, at the beginning of last year». Bugatti added. On a global scale, 2019 was a year characterized by two speeds, as macroeconomic data confirm: a first part of stable growth and a second semester of generalized slowdown in industrial and manufacturing ambit, especially in Italy: «We confirm this trend, which however has not exerted any repercussion on the tendency of our turnover – the Manager explained- We constantly keep on developing new markets and products just to make up for the difficulties in our Country».

High-quality solutions

The technical department of Bione premises is committed to the development of new technological solutions. Aignep product divisions are five: fittings, quick couplings, automation, Fluidity series for the fluid control and Infinity series for compressed air pipelines. «Besides the standard production, we also create and implement customized solutions, supporting customers since the design phase in a sort of real partnership» Bugatti underlined. Aignep products and solutions meet the most various applicative requirements: from compressed air to automation, from the fluid distribution up to heavy-duty processes involving stainless steel, brass and special alloy products. Just recently, they have widened the Fluidity series: they are valves mainly intended for industrial processes, to control manifold fluids, gases, oils, water, steam and so on, available in the sizes from 1/8 to 2”, made of brass or stainless steel. To satisfy the requirements of the several application ambits, they have provided for three seal typologies: for temperatures from -10°C to +90°C, NBR is suggested (air, inert gases and water up to 75°C, mineral oils, fuel oils and gas oil); for temperatures from -10°C to +140°C the adoption of FKM is advisable (mineral oils, gasoline and fuel oils); finally, for temperatures from -10°C to +140°C, the EPDM seal is adopted (hot water and steam at a maximum pressure of 2.5 bars). The stainless steel laser-welded electro pilot allows reaching maximum pressures of 40 bars and approaching heavy-duty applications. Another outstanding product is represented by the range of brass push-on fittings (series 1000): «A line currently used in the most delicate applications needing tools for the pipe release. Let us think for instance of applications in the steam ambit, where nobody must inadvertently disconnect the tube – Bugatti specified – This series, even if considered an obsolete technology, has always been upgraded versus conventional lines available on the market. Our series, in particular, is equipped with a rest for rubber hose that better hooks the pipe without having to over-tighten the nut. Besides, to facilitate the tightening, we exclusively rely on an octagon on the front side of the nut. We propose the same line made of 316L stainless steel, too (series 61000)». Looking further, the company’s investments will address manifold directions: top priority in the agenda is the constant machinery upgrading, in addition to a new enlargement of about 3,000 metres of the assembling and stock department. «Last year, we established two new branches, in Colombia and China – Bugatti ended – Moreover, we have released the new FRL line and for 2020 we are already accomplishing some new solutions we will launch next months».

The features of the new FRL line

Air Treatment groups, commonly called FRL (F/filter – R/regulator – L/lubricator) are available in two series, the series defined MINI and the STANDARD one, and they exhaustively satisfy the most demanding applications. This range has been designed for the treatment of the compressed air with maximum pressure of 18 Bars.

FRL series by Aignep.

Two formats with small footprints and two sizes are provided: the first (¼-3/8), the second (3/8 – ½). Components are made of state-of-the-art techno-polymer with metal threads to assure their efficiency, resistance and lightness. Inner paths have been studied to achieve a high airflow. The modular fixing is user-friendly and fast, the quick bowl release is provided, the manometer is integrated into the main body and various filtration thresholds and regulation fields are foreseen. Available from 1/8” to 1”, they feature very high flow rates, they are reliable and equipped with all ranges of necessary accessories.