Low friction has power

Globalization, increased competition, technology shifts, strict emission regulations – the traditional automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. SKF-Low-Friction-Hub-Bearing-UnitSKF is working with carmakers to meet today’s demands, providing technology and products for both the chassis side and the engine/transmission side. One of those solutions is the SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Unit, a new wheel end concept developed in Airasca, just outside Turin, Italy.

SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Unit is a new wheel end solution for the automotive industry capable of reducing friction up to 20% and more compared to standard hub bearing units. SKF posted a series of interesting and amazing videos to hear from the knowledge engineers involved in the development and testing/simulation of the low-friction Hub Bearing Unit.


Alex Teng, Global Engineering Manager – Car Chassis;

Carmelo Gullì, Product Development Engineer – Advanced Projects;

Marien van Ditten, Simulation Engineer – Automotive Development Centre.

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