A Software Competition

KISSsys Award 2014

To celebrate the 15 years of KISSsys, Kisssoft presents the KISSsys Award 2014. The KISSsys Award 2014 will be given for the best application and the winning project will be presented at the Schweizer Maschinenelemente Kolloquium (Swiss Machine Elements Colloquium) SMK 2014.2

In addition to one night’s hotel accommodation and dinner at SMK 2014, the winner will also receive the KISSsys Award 2014 and a certificate. The winners in second and third place will also receive a certificate and an invitation to SMK 2014 with overnight hotel and dinner. Entry is open to all.

The evaluation criteria are based on: Design (Visual impression), Creativity (e.g. non-mechanical application, animated model), Modeling and functionality (programming, e.g. interfaces to other programs, complex kinematics, new template), Handling (ease of handling of the model, convenience of use, intuitive/self-evident operation, logic).

The project dossier – in German or English – must contain at least 2 and not more than 10 A4 pages and must include project steps, pictures and reasoning. The dossier should be accompanied by a brief biography (and bibliography where appropriate). Please send your model with the dossier to challenge@KISSsoft.AG

The deadline for submissions is August 30, 2014.

The Kisssoft jury looks forward to receiving your contribution!