Miniature proportional valves also at the service of lung ventilation

Relying on over 80 years of experience in the sector, Norgren includes a broad range of solutions for the pneumatic and high-quality fluid control, such as: actuators, air treatment products, pressure switches, fittings and valves. In the medical sector, Norgren’s FAS brand, which makes the company a reference reality in the proportional control of flow rate and pressure, proposes a complete range for the fluid management with miniaturized solutions that include the proportional, direct and servo-assisted technology, able to provide excellent performances for the most complex applications.

In the proportional control of high flow rate fluids, stands out the Flatprop series, widely used to provide performance and reliability in the ambit of gas metering and mixing in medical equipment. The use of these valves in lung ventilation systems (unfortunately highly topical matter in Italy and in the world today), for clinic use and emergencies is much diffused. Systems that must be equipped with metering and mixing valves, with possible precision control of high flow rate (up to 120 l/min) at low pressures, able to provide very fast response times (not more than some milliseconds), with very fine regulation, high repeatability and resolution.

In the proportional control of high flow rate fluids, stands out the Flatprop series, widely used to provide performance and reliability in the ambit of gas metering and mixing in medical equipment.

Lightness and precision for frictionless operation

The above-mentioned requisites are perfectly witnessed by the performances offered by the series of miniature Flatprop valves in the EQI version, 2/2 NC pressure compensated proportional execution, with 4.5-mm hole, 120 l/min flow rate at 2 bars, maximum feeding pressure up to 7 bars, with maximum 10% counter-pressure (of the input pressure).

Available in the cartridge version, for manifold mounting, or with Peek sub-base. The valve design, consisting in a patented flat spring, guarantees excellent control due to the absence of friction, with the addition of the lightness of the special plunger that favours its quick response.

Moreover, it is worth highlighting that, despite this valve capability of managing high flow rates through the 4.5-mm hole, the closing force required to the spring (with a maximum supply pressure of 7 bars) needs very low power absorption compared to normal market standards. Norgren engineers, using this particular technology inside the valve, have managed to counterbalance the opening force coming from the supply pressure. In this way, the energy consumption does not exceed 2.5 W, making the application ideal and very advantageous on portable systems, too.

From the single solenoid valve to the manifold and the complete system

Besides the described technical specifications, FAS Flatprop EQI solenoid valve stands out also for the remarkable compactness (16-mm size) and for the modular structure, peculiarity that facilitates highly customized supplies, according to the different demands in terms of materials, different typologies of wiring and power supply and so on.

FAS Fasprop series solenoid valves, with 16 mm footprint, provide a precise control of gas flow rate and find the main application in gas chromatography and in other analytical equipment.

To full benefit of final customers, Norgren, through its broad available product range, can supply not only the single solenoid valve to be mounted on the manifold, but also a complete system with on-board management electronics, integrated pressure regulator, exhaust valve and so on. A complete, tested and certified package (the company ranks among the few in the world able to supply solutions certified according to the UNI EN ISO 13485international regulation for medical devices) and ready for quick installation.

FAS proportional valves are based on patented flat-spring consolidated technology that allows the precise control of very low flow rates, from a minimum of 0.02 l/min to high flow rates (200 l/min). The product families are three: Fasprop, Chipprop and Flatprop.

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