85 years of activity

Mollificio Lombardo, almost one century of springs

Automotive, electromechanical, electronics, aeronautical, medical. These are the main sectors supplied by Mollificio Lombardo, historical company that in 85 years of activity has managed to stand out in national and international ambit, thanks to the quality of its products.

Specialized in the production of elastic components, this year the Italian company Mollificio Lombardo crosses the finishing line of 85 years of activity. Established in 1932 thanks to the farsightedness of Comm. Emilio Longoni, the company has lived an entire century turning, in time, from small workshop to more and more organized reality acknowledged on a world scale. To the extent that, today, over 35% of the turnover crosses the borders.

«A percentage value that will grow further – points out the Manager Director and General Manager Emilio Longoni – essentially for two reasons. The first concerns the fact that several of our customers have delocalized abroad their production lines. The second involves instead us directly with our production pole in Brazil, in Parana, operating at full rate for about one year now».

Emilio Longoni, Managing Director and General Manager of Mollificio Lombardo.

Not a delocalization but, as Longoni defines it: «A localization that allows controlling directly the promising Brazilian market».

The Italian and European markets are instead supplied by the historical factory at Carvico (Bergamo, Italy), on an area taking up 18,000 sq. m., 8,500 of which covered; high-tech structure constantly upgraded (the company invests 13% of its turnover on average in upgrading of machines and plants).

The manufacturing pole of Mollificio Lombardo at Carvico (Bergamo, Italy) takes up an area of 18,000 sq. m., 8,500 of which covered.

«Operational flexibility and prompt reply to the market – adds Longoni – that allow satisfying the most different demands: from batches of 5-600 units up to lots composed by millions of pieces yearly for important projects».

The product quality is anyway discriminant for all supply types, differentiating element that has led Mollificio Lombardo to stand out on the market.

«The quality of our products– ends Longoni – has been granted since 1996 by the compliance and the conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations. In 2008, we reached the target of the certification for the automotive sector according to the ISO TS 16949 regulation. It is instead under study the attainment of the environmental certification ISO 14000 and of ISO 9100 for the aeronautical industry».