The benefits of both hydraulic and electric actuation

Moog launches a new electrohydrostatic pump unit

Moog launches a new electrohydrostatic pump unit. The feature-rich, energy efficient and compact unit helps customers derive the benefits of both hydraulic and electric actuation.

Moog Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU).

Moog  launched a new-generation Electro-Hydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) that will help machine builders and end-users derive the combined benefits of both hydraulic and electric actuation.

The Moog EPU is at the heart of electrohydrostatic actuation and helps enable the deployment of a decentralized drive system. This eliminates the need for a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and complex piping thereby reducing the overall machine footprint. The compact product design features a unique interface that enables direct mounting on to a cylinder thereby minimizing the requirement of additional space on each axis.

The Moog EPU has been developed to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators and end-users, who increasingly seek cleaner and energy efficient products without compromising on the requirement for high forces. The EPU is designed for easy installation and commissioning and can be mounted directly on to a cylinder, thereby reducing the number of components required.

The self-contained units have reduced chances of leakage and breakdown and help lower ongoing maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

«Our EPU is the most compact product in the market,» said Dr. Helbig, Innovation Manager at Moog. «It’s ideal for companies that want a standard, out-of-the-box product that can be easily integrated into their hydrostatic transmission, or new machine designs. It has a mounting pattern which allows direct mounting on to a cylinder via a manifold. This reduces pipping efforts and costs. Installation times can be shortened and maintenance work can be considerably simplified.»

The new electrohydrostatic pump unit can be used for a wide range of applications such as metal-forming, heavy industry, injection molding and die-casting, gas and steam turbines and wind turbine pitch control.

«Even short periods of machine downtime can translate into significant efficiency losses and cost,» said Robert Luong, Marketing Manager at Moog. «Our new electrohydrostatic pump unit is ideal for high-force machines and systems that need to be fail-safe. Most of our customers will reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) due to the lower maintenance required and limited need for customization.»

The electrohydrostatic pump unit is available either as a stand-alone product or as an entire system, called the Electro-hydrostatic Actuation System (EAS). The EAS combines the electrohydrostatic pump unit and any optional parts a customer might need, such as drives, controllers, manifolds, or cylinders. All components are Moog products that meet the highest standards of reliability and quality.

«Companies that need not just a compact pump unit but also the corresponding system can now get everything from one supplier,» said Luong. «And of course everything is backed by Moog’s long experience and expertise in manufacturing motors and pumps, as well as our technical support.»

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