MWM Freni Frizioni: the Italian company for clutches & brakes

M.W.M. Freni Frizioni Srl is an Italian company, located in Milan, engaged in designing and manufacturing brakes, clutches, tooth couplings, caliper brakes and torque limiting couplings for over 50 years.

The main features that distinguishes MWM are as follows: development, customization and the continuous expansion of a product range together with a joint reliability and performance guarantee. Besides the standard items, MWM deals also with special solutions in order to meet any customer need.

A pneumatically applied multi-disc clutch (Mod. LPG010).

MWM offers the perfect combination of quality (ISO 9001/2015 Certificated) and reliability of a large group, flexibility, dynamism and the containment of business.

Today, MWM range production includes more than 2.000 items (Electromagnetic – Hydraulic – Pneumatic and Mechanical) partly of them shown in three catalogues.

With torque ratings ranging from 20 Nm to over 50.000 Nm the MWM range of clutches and brakes is widely employed in several industrial markets including packaging, food industry, material handling, converting, entertainment, mining, energy, primary metals and many others.

The picture shows a pneumatically applied multi-disc clutch (Mod. LPG010) which transmits rotary motion from a constantly rotating shaft to a shaft that is required to rotate intermittently.

This type of clutch is used in general drive applications to obtain extremely high torque in minimal dimensional requirements.

Other characteristics are: quick installation, gradually good and low residual torque.

The flexible coupling is used to transmit torque up to 1.700 Nm when the two shafts are slightly misaligned. In addition, they can also be used for vibration damping, adsorbing shock loads or noise reduction.