NEO-WiFi, the new drive-motor for compressors by Motive

At Hannovermesse 2017 (Hall 15 – Stand G26), Motive launches the new drive-motor NEO-WiFi. A simple package for the automatic pressure control on compressors, high pressure pumps, hydraulic power packs, and ventilation.

Just limiting our attention to the mode “compressors”, one of the working modes that you can set in the wifi keypad of the patented drive “NEO-WiFi”, we can see lots of advantages. In traditional compressors without NEO-Wifi the flow rate is controlled by a “load/no load” working way. That is a waste of power, that doesn’t leverage the cubic saving that can be generated by the phisycal principle for which the absorbed power changes with the cube of the motor speed which is directly proportional to the needed flow rate

With “NEO-WiFi” the user simply sets the pressure that he wants with 2 arrows and a display, and the motor varies automatically its speed with the flow rate requested to keep that pressure constant.

The advantages:

  • energy saving for the soft start
  • simplification of the compressor which will not need anymore cabinet, motor control relay, motor overload protection automatic switch or PLC
  • the air tank can decrease 80% its volume, thanks to the fact that the pressure is kept constant at the wished value
  • less noise
  • higher electrical and mechanical reliability of the compressor
  • integration with other compressors in master-slave
  • integration with the system, thanks to its mod-bus protocol. NEO-WiFi is also provided of a specific free SW for the setting and control by smartphones, tablets, PC
  • and most of all a huge energy saving: If for example we have a flow rate that average is 20% less than the max compressor capacity, you can get a power saving of about 40 % compared to the constant speed. Compared to the load-no load the saving is around 80-90%, because also when the motor is no loading, it is running and absorbing power.

What are the main differences compared to the standard drives for pressure control?  Why aren’t the normal drives widely used? The most visible differences are:

  • NEO-WiFi is a motor-inverter, without cables and cabinets. Without installation.
  • The setting and the use is just a + and a -, with a display. Anyone can use it
  • The keypad is extractable and remotable wireless, up to 20mt distance.
  • NEO-WiFi is IP65. Its keypad is IP67
  • The PID of NEO-WiFi has been specifically designed for compressors
  • Inside one NEO-WiFi, you can chose several use modes: normal speed control in open or closed loop, BAR pressure control for high pressure pumps and hydraulic power packs, PSI pressure control for ventilation systems.