Organization and high quality

Naldoni & Biondi hydraulic cylinders

With constant enthusiasm, the Romagna company continues its growth course, even under conditions that today do not favour the business development. Two the fundamental ingredients of the formula with which Naldoni & Biondi Srl (Italy) fuels their success: great focus on organization and high quality of the components implemented for the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. What does anyway organization mean in actual facts. In the opinion of Giuseppe Biondi, manager of the company, the matter consists in «reacting to the demands in the shortest possible time and at the minor possible cost». Expressed in this way, it seems an easy thing within everybody’s reach but, clearly, it is not so simple. Then, let us try to understand, analysing the organizational question, increasingly debated.

Index V160, vertical twin-spindle with automated loading/unloading of magazines.
Index V160, vertical twin-spindle with automated loading/unloading of magazines.

«Concerning the organization – Giuseppe Biondi tells us – we often develop processes rich in elaborated theories, sophisticated techniques and articulated methods, which produce ministerial bureaucracies: therefore, in the organization attempt, we trace complicated labyrinths, where those entering them can find the exit in very long times, in countertendency with the more and more evident tendency to speed up each process. In my opinion, this is wrong and, to setup the business organization, it is important to change the point of view: let us adopt the other part’s vision, on customers’ side. We will immediately understand what to do and whether the dynamics we want to adopt is correct or is wrong. For several years, we have had the entire available standard production in stock, and we can organize shipments in the maximum term of twenty hours from the order receipt. Because we are organized in this way. It is very simple: customers increasingly need fast answers and if a company wants to grow, it must interpret requirements and solve problems, without ever creating them. Due to that, another personal belief is that it is not possible to impose minimum orders. I know: several companies prefer supplying big companies only. But we should not forget that in Italy, the productive fabric is prevailingly constituted by small and medium enterprises. Therefore, we must be organized, i.e. to succeed in serving big Groups and in satisfying small companies as well. To obtain all that, it is necessary that all corporate resources are coordinated for the target, productive department included. Here advanced working methods and machines must allow a high-quality production in the shortest possible time. In this way we react to the minor possible cost, too».