FIPA vacuum cups

Oval vacuum cups for sheet metal handling applications

FIPA GmbH is expanding its portfolio of solutions with an all-new line of oval vacuum cups for handling sheet metal. «We now offer a wide range of vacuum cups for handling sheet metal,» says Rainer Mehrer, CEO of FIPA.Fig1_Fipa

High demands are placed on vacuum cups by the sheet metal and metal processing industries. Pre-requisites for handling oily sheets safely include a long service life thanks to excellent resistance to wear combined with a high holding strength, slip resistance and absence of silicone and PWIS (paint-wetting impairment substances).

All FIPA vacuum cups for sheet metal handling satisfy these requirements and offer unbeatable quality at competitive prices. FIPA now offers a complete range of vacuum cups in various designs for the automated manufacture and handling of sheet metal in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering and sheet metal and metal processing industries.

The new oval vacuum cups allow dynamic handling of oblong or cylindrical workpieces in tight spaces. Compared to round vacuum cups of the same width, they develop a considerably higher suction strength. Anti-slip supporting ribs ensure a high degree of slip resistance and a good absorption of transverse forces, even for oily sheets. The supporting ribs prevent the deformation of thin sheets, as required for example for car bodies. With the help of the flexible sealing lip, the oval vacuum cup can also attach to convex surfaces without leaking.

Thanks to the geometry of the pleats, oval vacuum cups with bellows allow the handling of three-dimensional sheets and ensure good buffering when positioning the vacuum cup.