New laser marking system for Euroswitch

For the identification and traceability of its sensors

Always at the forefront in the research and practical application of the most innovative solutions, the Italian company Euroswitch has extended its technological equipment to include the latest-generation fully automated laser marker.

In effect, the company, which is based in Sale Marasino to the west of Brescia in northern Italy, has recently acquired a new laser marking station equipped with an anthropomorphic robot for the automatic handling of parts (sensors and sensor components) to be stamped, which are picked up directly from the vertical magazine and marked according to the instruction of the production plan that is automatically read on a barcoded data matrix.

This innovative product identification solution makes it possible to complete machining operations very quickly and accurately and ensure perfect visibility of codes and the proprietary logo (or the customer logo) in order to ensure constant product traceability over time, including the marking of the QR-Code, from which it is possible to obtain the characteristics that univocally identify a component part at any time.

Euroswitch confirms once again its commitment to investing in innovation in order to ensure the final user a product of a very high technological value.



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