Continuous-run compressors for constant compressed air

New screw compressors from the BOGE S-3 series: SL and SG series

The BOGE S-3 series sets standards in the efficient and reliable production of compressed air. With the addition of direct-drive screw compressors of the SL and SG series, BOGE is once again offering its users top performance with optimal efficiency and minimal maintenance.


The compressors of the SL and SG series stand out mainly for their performance and offer users the greatest possible convenience in terms of cost efficiency, longevity, and operational reliability. The screw compressors of the SL series have a direct drive while those of the SG series have a direct drive with integrated gear unit. Both compressors thus guarantee maximum operating hours and practically wear-free operation under a constant load, even in a high-dust environment such as in the cement industry or mining.

Maximum efficiency in supplying compressed air

Besides boasting long maintenance intervals, the SL series has very good efficiency values thanks to the particularly low power consumption of the drive motor. Its standard design is adjusted to 7.5 bar in line with market demand. Direct coupling virtually eliminates losses in pressure, thus guaranteeing constant compressed air production. The SG models are distinguished in particular by the slow turning compressor stage, which always works at the optimal operating point. In addition, the system is very flexible, which means that users can individually adjust the compressor to the required pressures and delivery quantities.

 Proven quality, minimal maintenance

In all technical innovations, compressed air users benefit from the proven quality of one of the most reliable screw compressors on the market: For maximum efficiency and service life, the three main sections of the BOGE screw compressors – electronics & drive, compressor and independent cooling unit with separate ventilator – are arranged along the main cooling air flow. All components are optimally accessible. All maintenance work can be carried out in a short time from just one side without any need for components to be disassembled. This reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Both series have particularly long maintenance intervals and provide the highest level of reliability and cost efficiency due to wear-free, low-maintenance transmission of power.

Intelligent compressor control

The SG series is controlled and operated as standard using the intelligent focus control 2.0 control system, which in the age of Industry 4.0 can be ideally integrated into modern, networked production. The SL series is optionally available with this control system. The modern machine control system allows up to four compressors to be connected. Information can be read comfortably via the high-resolution colour display and capacitive keys in touchscreen style make it extremely easy to use. An RFID interface allows authorised operating personnel to contactlessly log in to the controller. Whether to view the status indicator, network pressure, system pressure, utilisation, load and idle operation or final compression temperature – thanks to the clear structure with machine icons, users can quickly and easily switch between displays using the touchpad.

BOGE and Industry 4.0 – compressed air systems of the future

BOGE has already been a pioneer for many years in the development of intelligent compressed air solutions in the spirit of Industry 4.0. The BOGE control and monitoring systems of the latest generation thus ensure that the entire compressed air supply can be integrated into an intelligent, adaptive overall system (“Smart Factory”). The required compressed air output and quality is produced automatically depending on the situation and taking efficiency factors into consideration. As maintenance in this system is based on condition monitoring, this results in the lowest possible life cycle costs. More information about the technical details and options for the BOGE compressors is available at