Teseo’s AP aluminium modular piping according to standard EN 13501 -1:2007+A1 2009


Ap packshot con 36According to the report released by the RINA Service institute, concerning the fire reaction classification of products, the AP aluminium modular piping by Teseo has been classified as A2, s2, d0, i.e. “non-flammable product that causes no spread of flame and fire propagation”, in compliance with standard EN 13501-1:2007+A1 2009. The excellent rating assigned by RINA Service to the fire-resistant properties of the AP family is based on the fact that Teseo pipes and the related joints are entirely made of aluminium, and therefore they are not flammable, unlike other pipes on the market that use plastic joints not resistant to fire.  «This classification is another evidence of the high quality of Teseo’s modular piping – said Gianfranco Guzzoni, CEO -. Our mission is to provide customers with products offering higher and higher performance, efficiency, safety and long-term reliability standards».

Teseo distribution systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other fluids under pressure are manufactured in compliance with the safety requirements of applicable standards and have obtained several product certifications. The classification released by RINA Service is an additional guarantee offered by the products of the Italian company. Several factors contribute to the high quality of Teseo modular piping: aluminium is a tough material that withstands oxidation and corrosion; the tightness of O-rings in the joints that connect the profiles prevent any leak; modularity reduces plant modification costs; and finally, product warranty can be extended to 20 years. For all of these reasons, purchasing a modular aluminum system by Teseo implies higher initial investment but offers excellent cost effectiveness in the long run.