New sensor family for C-slots: MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor

The MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor from SICK.

The MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor from SICK is designed for position detection in pneumatic grippers or miniature pneumatic cylinders with C-slots. Due to its universal housing design, the MZCG fits in a wide range of C-slots from the most common manufacturers, which reduces storage costs and allows a more flexible machine design. With this innovation, SICK has created a new sensor family for C-slot cylinders.

The MZCG shows its true might anywhere space is limited. With a housing of only 12.2 mm and a 90° rotated radial cable connection, it is ideal for small drives. The fixing concept makes mounting quick and easy: Simply insert the sensor into the C-slot via drop-in and fasten on the cylinder in no time.

The MZCG from SICK is an extremely short cylinder sensor for pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders.

The short switching point of the MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor, which has been optimized for gripper applications, enables faster cycle times and improves the efficiency of the processes. The special cable is able to withstand high torsional forces and a large number of rapid direction changes. This is ideal for use in highly dynamic applications such as robotics, handling, mounting, and the electronics industry. The MZCG can also be used on robots and is equipped with a cable that is suitable for drag chain for this purpose.