Noncontact seal for vertical shafts


The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company (CJM) announced that it has introduced its Centritec SealTM technology for use in a new application: vertical shafts for rotating machinery. The company’s latest design uses the same centrifugal pressure principles as in its horizontal shaft seal with one major difference; the vertical shaft seal includes a sump to collect the lubrication when the equipment is not running.  This feature, specifically designed for vertical shafts, allows for continuous high-speed operation without any spillage or weepage, resulting in less machine downtime and reduced operational costs. The Centritec Seal for vertical shafts, like the entire Centritec line of products, utilizes Carlyle Johnson’s patented Centritec Seal technology to create custom seal designs for any type of shaft. The seals are suitable for a variety of applications including industrial fans, pumps, compressors, turbine/generator, rolling mills, machinery tools, heavy equipment, conveyors and many more.