Oerlikon Graziano shares market-leading development techniques at World Tribology Congress

The efficiency of gear transmission uncovered

Oerlikon Graziano shares market-leading development techniques at World Tribology Congress Rivoli, Italy, 6 September 2013 – High-performance transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano is to share its extensive knowledge and innovative research techniques by attending the World Tribology Congress 2013, in Turin, from September 8-13, stand 56, together with a technical presentation. The event, which is organised by the Italian Tribology Association (AIT), occurs every four years and provides a unique opportunity for discussion of recent developments in tribology and to strengthen the link between research organizations and industry. «Creating low friction surfaces is a crucial factor in Oerlikon Graziano’s development of market-leading transmission systems, and we intend to share our methods for measurement of the friction coefficient involved in cylindrical gear teeth meshing,» says Oerlikon Graziano Chairman and Managing Director, Paolo Ramadori. «The effects of gear mesh on transmission efficiency have been estimated with an analytical approach that requires a suitable corrective coefficient calibration: using prototype development, intensive testing and statistical approach – DOE methodology – we are able to deliver a more accurate, proven efficiency model to predict the power losses of transmission systems.»

Vincenzo Solimine, Oerlikon Graziano Virtual Validation Engineer and Davide Crivello, Oerlikon Graziano Testing Engineer, on September 10 at 11.00 a.m. will deliver a speech on «Measurement of friction coefficient involved in cylindrical gear teeth meshing» at the Congress, which offers diverse scientific sessions on specific tribology-related topics, a broad exhibition and various collateral events. It is seen as a crucial knowledge sharing tool that continues to promote collaborative opportunities for the ongoing development of technologies.

Eco-tribology and sustainability are the primary focus in this year’s Congress, and Oerlikon Graziano’s study of friction, wear and lubrication in cylindrical gear teeth meshing has been crucial to its development of gearboxes and drive systems for EVs and HEVs. Due to efficiency requirements and NVH expectations, this emerging market is the most demanding in terms of maximizing the operation of driveline components.

«Oerlikon Graziano’s calculation code for the efficiency model is all-encompassing and considers both loaddependent and load-independent contributions to power losses,» explains Solimine. The activity is focused on the experimental evaluation of power losses due to cylindrical gears meshing to obtain a mathematical expression of the friction coefficient. In particular, the parameters under investigation are oil viscosity, the most important gear geometry sizes and working conditions.»