Hydraulic components

OMT: five solutions for any request

The Italian company OMT offers five main ranges of products:slide2

  • Bellhousings and drive couplings for hydraulic transmissions made of aluminium, steel and cast iron and accessories for motor-pump groups, as dam ping rods and rings and foot flanges; components for micro-powerpacks; filters, suitable for both suction and return lines and pressure filters; aluminium air/oil and water/oil heat exchangers;
  • SAE flanges – aluminium and steel elbow joints – CETOP manifolds; accessories: pump supports for most gear pump groups, aluminium and steel oil tanks, breather fillers, visual level gauges, air breathers.
  • Filtration: suction strainers (up to 760 l/min), tank top return filters (up to 650 l/ min), in line pressure filters (up to 410 l/min, working pressure up to 420 bar), spin on filters;
  • Accessories: metal and nylon filler breathers; Metal and nylon visual and electric level gauges; Air breathers; SAE flanges, carbon steel and stainless steel; aluminium and cast iron CETOP manifolds; aluminium and steel elbow joints for gear pumps;
  • Pump and motor transmission systems: elastic drive couplings in aluminium, steel and cast iron; one piece and modular bell housings; cooler and silenced bell housings; accessories for motor-pump units (damping rods, foot flanges); aluminium and steel oil tanks, capacity up to 400 liters; customized oil tanks;
  • Heat exchangers: air-oil and water-oil aluminium heat exchangers; heat exchangers with oil tank; combined oil tanks; cooling units, hydraulic drive.