Parallel shaft gearboxes: welcome RB13!

The leap of Varvel SpA continues in the process of internationalization that proves the Italian company as protagonist in 60 countries and with the extremely active joint venture MGM-Varvel Power Transmission, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Chennai (formerly Madras) in the south east of India.Fig3_Varvel

The last outcome of Varvel’s R&D division will expand the range of original products – speed reducers and mechanical variators – designed and manufactured in Crespellano (Bologna, Italy).

The brand new RB13 – the name of the new product- is a parallel shaft gearbox with IEC56-B14 input motor flange, one-piece casted on the housing. Three sets of gears are set in line with the input pinion directly fitted onto the motor shaft; two ratios i=42.64 and i=84.33, but some available from a full range i=6.3 to i=315. The gears are calculated for a lifetime of 10,000 hours for a maximum output torque of 50Nm. Three hollow shafts with standard keyway ø17mm and ø20mm, and ø25mm without keyway. The housing is able to be machined as shaft mount version with 4 throughout holes ø8.5mm, interchangeable with other. Four additional blind holes are available for self-tapping M8 screws with same RT/RS 50 output flange dimensions.

An important outcome that confirms the intention of Varvel SpA to continue the manufacturing of required solutions of the different markets, with an expansion that confirms the assets such as the strict Made in Italy, the highest quality, a strong and enhanced supply chain performance, a strengthened logistics with the opening of the new branch in Settimo Milanese (MI), a continuous care in pre- and post-sales organization, even with the design of specific customizations.

«We continue to invest in the present and in the future – says Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA – convinced that, thanks to new proposals and an ever advancing technology we can be able to meet the specific needs of different markets, maintaining an international perspective but meeting the specific needs of our customers.»

«We do not make just a good product – says Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of Varvel SpA – but we must also be able to offer what customers actually need and the different companies ask in their own territory. Our company has earned the trust of our counterparts because we always placed ourselves in a proactive manner towards our stakeholders. We are very active in designing, research and development, and soon there will be other important news.»