Suitable for use in corrosive environmental conditions

New Surface Coatings protect bearing elements

Moisture, high humidity or an increased salt content in the air can lead to premature corrosion damage in metal components. For this reason, ContiTech Vibration Control has now developed new surface coatings for bearing elements. They protect Schwingmetall® and Megi® rubber-metal parts in applications that impose particularly high demands on corrosion protection. The components are used, for instance, as vibration elements in construction machinery and rolling stock.fig2_Contitech

ContiTech offers the industry particularly durable products with the new coatings: «The components were used in over 1,000 test hours of standardized salt spray testing without red rust appearing,» reports Dr. Stefan Narberhaus, head of Industrial Development at ContiTech Vibration Control. The engineers achieved this result with different variants of the optimized electroplated coatings. Metal ions settle on the vibration elements in this process and thus prevent the corrosion process. The rubber-metal element can then be given an additional protective coat. The type and thickness of the coats are optimized for every application. «The coatings reliably protect components against corrosion without affecting the function and strength of the components,» explains Dr. Narberhaus.

The coated rubber-metal components from ContiTech are available immediately as special designs for the complete Schwingmetall® product range and Megi® brand portfolio.