Parker launches the icount LaserCM30

Parker launches the icount LaserCM30, a next generation particle contamination monitor with test procedure in under 90 seconds

The Hydraulic and Industrial Process Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced the launch of the Parker icount LaserCM30 Particle Contamination Monitor. This particle contamination monitor is a user-friendly field diagnostic device that provides service personnel with the capability to quickly and easily assess the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid or oil in a wide range of applications, including excavators, reach stackers, wheeled loaders, drilling equipment and steering equipment, for agricultural, construction, oil and gas, power generation, marine, mining, forestry and industrial sectors.

Test procedures in under 90 seconds

As a next generation in fluid system contamination monitoring devices, the Parker icount LaserCM30 offers test procedures in under 90 seconds. Multi standard ISO 4406, NAS 1638, AS4059 & GOST cleanliness reporting, data entry and integral printing are all featured on this monitor.

Featuring microprocessor-controlled optical scanning, the icount LaserCM30 provides accurate contaminant measurement with a calibration range from ISO 0 to ISO 22 with no monitor saturation. The particles are measured by a photo diode that converts light intensity to a voltage output, which is recorded against time. As the particle moves across the window, the amount of light lost is proportional to the size of the particle. This reduction in voltage is measured and stored in the icount LaserCM30 computer in one of six channels according to particle size. Additional sizes are calculated for reference purposes. Readouts are displayed on the hand-held LCD in the accepted ISO/AS and NAS standards ready for hard copy printing or RS232 computer download. The on-board computer allows storage of up to 1000 test results.

The icount LaserCM30’s compact, user-friendly design and ease of use set it apart from other portable particle monitors on the market.

User-friendly design

The icount LaserCM30’s compact, user-friendly design and ease of use set it apart from other portable particle monitors on the market. Operating the device is as simple as pressing the start button on the handset. Special diagnostics are incorporated into the icount LaserCM30’s microprocessor control to ensure effective contamination monitoring testing of oil systems and liquid fuels that saves time and saves money. Contamination monitoring is also now possible during application operation, reducing production downtime.

“We evolve with our customers’ needs, enabling them to operate more safely, responsibly and sustainably around the world,” said Shaun Skilton, product manager, Parker Hannifin Hydraulic and Industrial Process Filtration Division EMEA, Condition Monitoring Business Unit, commenting on the icount LaserCM30’s launch.

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