Parker’s new Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) powers Brammo’s electric race bike to victory

Parker’s Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) for traction applications is proving to be a winning component of Brammo’s highly successful electric racing motorcycles. The combination of low weight and high power makes Parker’s GVM traction motors a perfect match for this and many other demanding applications found in today’s electric and hybrid vehicles.

In the 2012 season Brammo won the World Championship for electric motorcycle racing using Parker GVMs, and this year, a GVM 210 motor is providing even more power for the Brammo Empulse RR machines – around 155 horsepower at the rear wheel, no less.

Parker Hannifin’s newest PMAC motor uses ultra thin laminations that increase power density while reducing eddy current losses. Furthermore, its segmented stator construction provides fully automated coil winding. The Brammo racing team, based in Oregon, USA uses a kit version of the motor (magnetics only) which is assembled into a highly customised housing to help minimise its size envelope. Whether in kit or not, the motor is available with natural convection or water cooling technology – the stator can also be supplied as a kit for integrated into a circular housing.

Ensuring the technology is transferable to a whole host of applications GVM also comes in a vast range of configurations based on two diameters, six stack lengths and an array of windings. This flexibility ensures GVM can be matched to suit specific applications with optimum base speed.

Looking forward, Parker continues to support the racing effort of Team Parker Brammo and the two companies continue to expand the capabilities of electric drivetrain performance.

“Racing conditions push our products far beyond their normal operating parameters,” explains Brammo team manager Brian Wismann. “Within these extreme conditions, there is a lot to learn about how Parker products function. The knowledge we pick up on the track allows us to improve our products, making them better and more reliable for our customers.”

A video of the bikes in action can be seen at



The new and improved Brammo’s all electric motorbike equipped with high power density and flexible Global Motor Vehicle (GVM) from Parker.




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