Pneumatic grippers for robots

Omas, headquartered at Druento (Turin, Italy) presents the new range of pneumatic grippers for robots with parallel seizure, provided with high working strokes. The Pinza-OMPP802series is available with three different standard strokes that, with an 80 mm boring, respectively provide 100 mm, 200 mm and 400 mm of total stroke of clamping grippers.

These features make OMPP 802 the ideal gripping device in the handling and clamping of bulky components.

Actually, thanks to its low weight and the notable closing force, granted by the double integrated cylinder, is commonly used as end effector on robots, in applications needing a safe grip of bulky components like rims of cars and trucks.

The increased guide, which exploits re-circulating ball pads and the self-centring system, make the gripper precise and reliable granting a linear thrust along the entire working stroke. The applicative flexibility of OMPP 802 is extended thanks to the presence of grooves on the aluminium extruded profile that provide more fastening options of several sensor typologies; from proximity to analogue resolvers. Numerous accessories are available for the OMPP 802 series, from the customized gripers, according to the type of component to be handled, to interface flanges for the gripper attachment on all robot brands.