The success story goes on

EPTDA Annual Convention 2016 Berlin

Between 21-23 September, EPTDA – the biggest association in the EMEA PT/MC industry -proudly reunited in Berlin for its 19th Annual Convention, 177 companies from 33 countries, over 400 members and guests, and among these 107 delegates and 30 new companies joining the successful event for the first time.screen-0

Every year, EPTDA’s annual convention is the leading PT/MC industry event, where decisions and governance are combined with impressive networking sessions and B2B meetings and informative speeches to keep the pace with the rhythm the world of business goes on.

This year’s Convention has represented the opportunity to establish a new amazing record – 2016 MD-IDEX (Manufacturer-Distributor IDea Exchange) program has brought together manufacturers and distributors in no less than 906 B2B meetings taking place during the two days’ sessions. This exclusive program consolidates thus its position as the most important benefit of EPTDA membership, creating the one and only platform in EMEA facilitating business-to-business meetings between key industrial distributors and PT/MC manufacturers.

Every delegate took something home – new contacts, new contracts, good impressions, awakening information on recent evolution of markets or compelling signals on what is to expect next in a world of connectivity and Internet.

Germany – most representative among EPTDA’s membership countries – has been this year’s destination and Berlin proved to be a generous and timely host, inspiring the participants with its fast-paced development and forward-looking atmosphere, offering a professional environment for this event always in search of creating the opportunities for seamless communication between its members and their growth into excellence.

“EPTDA’s Annual Conventions are the leading event of the PT/MC industry for all high level professionals around the EMEA region and these events help us grow stronger together as a community.” said Hans Hanegreefs, Executive Vice President of EPTDA.

An array of selected speakers have raised the interest of the audience during the well-attended Annual Business Forum facilitated by volunteers of the EPTDA, Alessandro Bandelli – Chair of the Know your Market Committee and Carlo Rondelli – Board Member and Convention Chair.

Highly topical subjects like “How successful companies can stay successful” (keynote by Mr. Rasmus Ankersen), “The Industrial Internet of things” (Mr. Stan Schneider) or “Global economy and business trends and how they affect our industry and different parts of the world” (Mr. Nenad Pacek) generated interesting Q&A sessions and participants have encountered new ideas, applicable concepts and up-to-date information on today’s economy.

During its 19th Annual Convention in Berlin, EPTDA announced the appointment of its 2016- 2017 Board of Directors. The new Board will be headed by Mr. Jan Friman as the new President of the association.

EPTDA’s new Board of Directors 2016-2017:

  • President, Jan Friman – YTM-Industrial, Finland
  • Vice President, Dick Winkelhuis – Spruit Transmissies, Netherlands
  • Past President/Treasurer, Curt Carlsson – Nomo Kullager, Sweden
  • Manufacturer Council & Convention Chair, Carlo Rondelli – Bonfiglioli, Italy
  • Member at large & Advisory Council Liaison, Roberto Cugnaschi – Mondial,  Italy
  • Board Member at large, Elisabeth Meister – Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co, Germany
  • Board Member at large, Meino Noordenbos, – Biesheuvel Groep, The Netherlands
  • Board Member at large, Samer Khalil –Doctor Establishment Import&Export, Egypt
  • Board Member at large, Athanasios Kouimtzis – Kouimtzis, Greece
  • Board Member at large, Moris Romi – RIMA, Italy
  • Board Member at large, Paul Desmond Spillings  – Acorn Industrial Services Ltd – UK

The entire board with the generous support of its Leaders and EPTDA’s Volunteers will continue to strengthen the EPTDA’s strategic objectives: our focus in the next period is -besides the continuous growth of EPTDA’s membership base and reaching out in new emerging areas like North Africa – offering our members the tools, guidelines and best practices to strengthen their positions on the market, with a constant care of maintaining the highest standards in servicing the end-customer. EPTDA stands as a quality stamp, a community based on modern communication, empowering its members’ knowledge base on educational platforms and promoting competitiveness by using the latest technologies.

“The presence of our members’ delegates shows that our efforts are in the right fields, our strategies are working and our vision of EPTDA being the leading association of its kind in the EMEA region is coming to life. I feel confident that most of them have been able to create new business opportunities, get lots of ideas and inspiration from our speakers and from the network with many existing and new peers.” said Jan Friman, 2016-2017 EPTDA President.

As always, EPTDA makes of ethical business one of its priorities. Every year, EPTDA selects a charitable cause in the country hosting our annual convention, to contribute to the welfare of the society that “welcomes our community”. In 2016, EPTDA focuses on the New Generation and continues its charitable commitment in partnering DIE ARCHE. Nearly 11.000 EUR have been donated at this occasion to support the associations’ actions, addressing children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Presently up to 4000 children in 20 support centres in Germany discover their strengths and abilities, continuously developing and believing in themselves, enhance their skills in social interaction, are encouraged to broaden their educational horizons and learn to take the appropriate responsibilities with the support of the volunteers from Die Arche and EPTDA takes great pleasure in being a part of it..

EPTDA is looking forward to present even more of its accomplishments in the PT/MC industry next year in Rome, celebrating its 20th Annual Convention. Between 20-22 September 2017, EPTDA will be welcoming PT/MC professionals, executives and decision makers in a most prestigious and unique location – the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria hotel – for a spectacular celebration.

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