Pneumatic hydraulic high pressure sensor

KP52 Series, Pneumatic Hydraulic High-Pressure Sensor (Multi-Medium) manufactured by Parsec, has several key features. First of all, it guarantees quick installation thanks to the easy removal. The copy setting, moreover, allows to avoid setting errors and reduce setting time. Conversion unit is on display and is easy to read; sensor parts and fitting parts are stainless steel 316L, applicable for corrosive fluid or gas equipment. There are 2 colours digital on LCD display for different setting conditions. The product is IP65 compliance.

When mounting, always use the wrench on the metallic area near the pressure port. Never apply a wrench to the plastic body, it will damage the sensor. Over tightening may cause damages to the port thread, mounting bracket and pressure sensor. Under tightening may result loosen or leakage. Apply pressure and power after installation and make necessary adjustments and inspect any possible signs of leakage to ensure proper installation.

Pressure port equipped with snubber can avoid damage caused by sudden pressure surge of water or oil to improve product durability.

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