New compact solenoid valve island

For some years now Metal Work S.p.A. has upgraded its product range with the new EB80 modular solenoid valve system that can be used to create islands made up of a very high number of solenoid valves (up to 128). Over time, the system has been expanded with new features in line with Industry 4.0 technologies, multi-purpose modules, shutoff valves and high-flow valves.

Now comes a new version of the EB80, called BOXI, a solution intended to meet the requirements of those who need small islands with only 3 or 4 valves.

The BOXI saves considerable space and is extremely lightweight (approx. 40% at equal functions), which makes it ideal for installation in secluded spaces or on moving parts, such as Pick&Place mechanisms. But, despite its simplicity, the BOXI contains all the innovations that have contributed to make the EB80 a successful system: input power reduced to only 0.3W per valve, thus allowing considerable energy savings and minimum heating; free supply voltage from 10.8V to 31.2V, for a wide range of industrial applications where the narrow range (24VDC±10%) normally required by commonly available solenoid valves cannot be guaranteed; IP65 protection rating for use in harsh dusty and wet environments; diagnostics also provided with a multipolar supply system; valves with any type of pneumatic function and flow rates up to 1250 Nl/min.; circuit selector valve allowing rapid discharge of the downstream system and electrical connection with one 9-pin plug connector.

BOXI is designed either for direct installation on a DIN bar, or for wall installation using the three metal brackets included in the supply.

Thanks to all these features, we believe that BOXI will meet with the same great success as that of all the products in the EB80 range.

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