Precision and quality from big to small diameters

Reference reality for the design and implementation of high-precision linear transmission systems, Licat enhances its attention to the quality of processes and products, and to the impact they exert on environment and safety, adopting a new operational asset based on a certified integrated management system.

Davide Cucchi, Business Development & Sales Manager at Licat S.r.l.

Aware of the quality importance in the accomplishment of its production activities, the company has in fact operated for a long time with a Quality Management System, certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018 regulations.

«Concerning this, our commitment – affirms the Business Development & Sales Manager, Davide Cucchi – has not stopped in time. In the successive years, in fact, we have started the course for the achievement of the environmental certification and, finally, the procedure for the safety certification. Today, finally, we have completed the activity with the attainment of the certification of our Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Safety.

Licat has achieved the certification of its integrated Quality, Environment and Safety System

Concerning quality, we are provided with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018 certification, with the addition now of Environment and Safety certifications, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 regulations».

Minor environmental impact, in the best safety conditions

Therefore, with this integrated management system, Licat intends to supply a high-quality product, with the lowest environmental impact and in the best safety conditions of its staff and of the product itself. All that in the name of the service continuity to the customer and with specific attention and protection for end users, too.

«In Licat – Cucchi states– quality means also the possibility of relying on higher competitiveness and reliability. Concerning this, the quality of the product and of the service offered has always been a fundamental element for our company’s success, to preserve the market rankings, to gain new opportunities and to assure service and performance continuity, even in case of exceptional situations».

Starting from the compliance with the environmental legislation in force, consistently with the nature of environmental impacts and with one’s own financial resources, the company constantly tries identifying and pursuing priority targets, such as the implementation of strategies for an optimization of consumptions, a higher and higher and aware involvement of suppliers, an improvement and rationalization of emergency management procedures, wastes, stocking and registration.

«Besides quality and environment protection – Cucchi adds – another fundamental pillar of our activity concerns the elimination of dangers and the reduction of risks for health and work safety of our staff, aimed at assuring and at preserving safe, healthy and comfortable work conditions».

State-of-the-art technological innovation

Licat performs its activity through about thirty people, with a corporate asset and a team that have been substantially unchanged in the last decade.

«Constantly changing – Cucchi points out – are, instead, the operational technologies and modalities, from time to time upgraded and improved to the state-of-the-art. Our target and our idea of process evolution precisely consist in being able to perform better and better, as well as in optimized manner according to the above-mentioned conditions, all manufacturing phases of our product range».

In the new EDM department of Licat today three new process machines are in operation, of which one wire model and two plunge types

The new spark erosion department recently inaugurated, for instance, composed by three process machines (of which one for wire EDM and two for plunge EDM, one of which expressly specific and dedicated to the implementation of blind micro holes) was not conceived by the Turin company to add new activities but instead with the precise aim of succeeding in carrying out these phases in more controllable, qualitatively safe manner and with the minor environmental impact, compared to standard modalities.

Gear grinding on small diameters, too

Still in the last triennium, the company has invested huge resources also in modern technologies, completing its departments with new NC gear cutting machines, and new NC machines for grinding external cylindrical gears. They are instead completing a grinding machine for internal straight and helical gears, conceived and manufactured by the company itself, following other machines still ideated along the years by the owner, Mr Sergio Apicella: a gantry milling machine for racks with rotary head and a grinding machine for racks with fixed bench and mobile column.

«The new grinding machine for internal gears that will start operating by the end of the year – Cucchi ends – boasts also another peculiarity, that is to say the capability of processing small-size components in terms of internal diameter. The latter criticality is well-known to all producers of planetary gearboxes, with which we do not certainly want to compete: on the contrary, we want to become for them the opportunity of solving the limit that currently affects their gearboxes concerning the precision given by the planetary crown. In other words, grinding it, so permitting to achieve a high-precision planetary crown also in case of small diameters».

For this challenging ambitious project, Licat has involved Turin Polytechnics, with which it is also developing the control software to execute also internal helical gear cutting.