The importance of self-assembly solutions

The current pandemic has made workshop visits from engineers and face-to-face advice from distributors less evident. Fortunately, Gates provides a solution that allows you to produce factory-quality assemblies yourself, in a safe and easy manner. Create a durable hose assembly with our self-assembly machinery while receiving all the support you need, in the form of training sessions, validated crimp settings and tools especially designed to facilitate your assembly operation.

Thanks to Gates self-assembly solutions, you can create your very own hose and coupling combinations in no time. Make it easy on yourself, with an ergonomic design for comfortable machine handling, grease-free operation for a clean work environment and lower maintenance, and validated crimp settings and clear user instructions.

The true value of the Gates self-assembly system comes from the Gates Integrated System Approach: all elements of the hose assembly process are designed together. As a result, the Gates Integrated System Approach provides you and your customers with factory-quality assemblies which meet or exceed all international standards

Why self-assembly

Manufacturing your own hose assemblies saves you money (no third-party involvement), reduces hydraulic machine downtime to a minimum, mitigates health risks (no need for workshop visits), and extends your capability (to 24/7). Want to assure the quality of your own hose assembly? Use Gate equipment and take full control.

A comprehensive range

Looking for an electrical-driven crimper to help you produce hydraulic assemblies each day? Or do you need a lightweight, portable field-service crimper instead? Gates has a comprehensive range of self-assembly machinery which is fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements.

How to become a self-assembler

Want to become a Gates-authorized assembly workshop? Follow these steps to get set up in no time. Clear some space for your self-assembly set-up. Select the right equipment. Follow our training webinars. Read through the installation instruction book. Ensure the necessary safety measures. Calibrate the equipment (it is easy, thanks to our validated crimp settings). Send an assembly to your Gates representative. Receive a Gates-authorized assembly workshop certificate.