For the Vending and Food industry

Pressure switches with Ruveco (unleaded brass) treatment

Always careful to market requirements and manufacturers’ demand, the Italian company Euroswitch now offers a range of brass-body pressure switches in the “unleaded” version for specific application in the vending industry (automatic beverage dispensers and coffee machines) and the food industry.

The novelty here is the treatment the pressure switches undergo to allow them to be used in contact with alimentary fluids, namely an unleading process dubbed “Ruveco”, which removes the layer of lead from brass surfaces in order to eliminate the risk of contamination of food substances and hence toxicity for the human body.

Products undergoing this process comply fully with international regulations on the release of lead into drinking water or other liquids, and Euroswitch, being committed to complying with environmental requirements and quality standards, has decided to implement this treatment to expand its product range. The brass pressure switches appearing in the catalogue are available in the standard version, and also the unleaded version, so perfectly calibrated for safe, efficient use in the food industry.