Industrial filtration

Reducing costs and contamination thanks to the right filter

Product quality. Harmful contamination. Lost production. Power management company Eaton answers the long-awaited call of the industrial parts and surface cleaning industry to reduce costs and contamination while increasing product quality with its innovative lineup of filtration products.

«We continuously raise the bar for industrial end-users through innovative solution design» said Rick Jacobs president of Eaton’s filtration division. «It’s this commitment that will help our customers promote quality, performance, and most importantly, sustainable business practices, throughout their processes.»

Eaton features its high-performance Topline single-bag filter housing along with its Hayflow filter elements, Accugaf filter bags, and Lofpleat HF filter cartridges that deliver fine micron and bypass free filtration.

Also featured are the TKF-330 cartridge filter housing with the rugged Lofmet, Loftop, and lofpleat EE filter cartridge designed for industrial applications. And the Beco Integra Disc enclosed stacked disc cartridge housing for difficult to handle products and safe handling of aggressive media.

Eaton’s DCF-800 mechanically cleaned filter delivers simple, reliable operation with water-like liquids. They are ideal where a low initial investment is a key driving factor.

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