With Atex Certification for potentially hazardous environments

Pressure switches

An increasing number of applications for the pressure switch is designed specifically for use in highly oxidising environments and extremely critical environmental conditions.

The vast range of products made by the Italian company Euroswitch (Sale Marasino, Brescia) for infinite industrial applications and adaptable to meet customer requirements, now includes the model 48 piston-operated pressure switch with switching contacts, which is designed for pressure control in extreme temperature environments and comes with ATEX certification, which regulates the use of various products and components in “potentially explosive atmospheres”.

The product is intended mainly for installation on gas tankers, in the presence of risk factors connected with transporting combustible fuel from one continent to another.

Main technical features: galvanised steel body (stainless steel option); weight120 g; silver electrical contacts; DIN connector with IP67 protection rating.

Euroswitch obtained ATEX Certification in 2009.

Euroswitch products complying with this standard belong to the family of pressure switches (models 41, 48, 49, 81), vacuum switches (model 38), thermostats (models 506 and 507) and level sensors (models IMx and P3x).