Quality in an industrial washing system

Aignep quality displayed by the European player in industrial washing systems Aquarama.

Even if it wouldn’t seem, an industrial washing system is built inside with much technology: it requires components that can resist to corrosion and capable to guarantee specific tolerances. For this reason, in his applications Aquarama has always chosen to work alongside high-quality suppliers and above all able to propose a wide and growing range. This is one of the ingredients of the winning recipe that allowed Aquarama to become a leader in its field in gust ten years, in both Italy and abroad. For these reasons, since the beginning, the company chose Aignep for fittings, cylinders and solenoid valves. This cooperation has been consolidated and expanded through the years.

Samuel Bosio: CEO of Aquarama, European leader in industrial washing systems.

 Ten years of Italian excellence

With a market share of nearly 40% of the Italian market Aquarama is now the leading player in Italy and fourth in Europe in the construction of high pressure wash systems, with annual sales of about 20 million. The European/Mediterranean market value is around 60 million. The Novello’s company (Cuneo province) was founded in November 2006 by thanks to the acquisition of a branch of a company (that was already operating in the field of high pressure and water washing), since the beginning they bet and invested in the development of high-tech products, as well as the design and finishing of them.

«When we joined a congested market we immediately tried to create an innovative product, technological and aesthetic point of view – explains Samuele Bosio, Managing Director of Aquarama-. Our first product, introduced in 2009 in Bologna, was designed by Pininfarina. In short time the company has expanded its offer proposing a product range able to cover all the needs of customers and distributors in the washing of cars and vans with self service, brush systems, from entry-level to the most efficient models, and washing tunnel that can reach 67-70 car washing per hour.»

Aquarama began to appear in foreign markets in 2010 in France, still first in importance, spreading then to all of Europe. The company now looks to America, with local certification of several products in progress. Last year, on the tenth anniversary of activity, Aquarama celebrated its best year in revenue and production: 310 car wash and brush systems products, 25 washing tunnels and about 300 DIY systems installed. Sales in early 2017 confirms the upward trend of 2016 and the progressive consolidation of Aquarama in Italy and worldwide. Today the company sells its products in 52 countries worldwide.

A network of excellent suppliers

A car wash system of Aquarama. Quality hi-tech and design characterize the company’s solutions Cuneo.

Underlying the rapid growth of Aquarama there are many important factors. One of these is a selected network of suppliers able to guarantee constant high quality, this is the result of a choice from 10 years ago, made faithful with time. «Having a single contact for multiple components is a big advantage for us – explains the CEO of Aquarama – because it allows us to relate with people that already know our machines and our problems, which have the quality standards that we seek and continue to propose new products that go in the direction of continuous innovation that we offer to the market.»

Aquarama systems are very complex, they integrate a large amount of electronics, many mechanics and a lot of hydraulics and pneumatics. Everything must work properly in environments hostile to 365 days a year, even outdoors, withstanding a temperature range from 50° C of the Arab countries to -30° C by Russian ones. These systems are stressed by continuous contact with chemical products used in the car cleaning and working at high pressure. The quality, durability and reliable sealing component, as well as high sensitivity to ensure proper handling of components becomes therefore essential.

 Aignep chosen for quality

The cylinders Aignep “series X” ensure accurate movements of the brushes washing and drying blade.

Among the suppliers which cooperated with Aquarama since its birth there is Aignep. Aignep was selected by Aquarama from the initial competition because of the quality and variety of the products offered.

«Our relationship over the years has been strengthened and consolidated by the capability of Aignep to propose a growing range and technology, that distinguished Aignep from di other competitors. Also their service was a winning factor.»

The first product of Aignep used by Aquarama were the fittings, expanding then the cooperation to the cylinders. Recently the relationship has been further consolidated with the supplying of solenoid valves produced directly from Aignep. «The cooperation between us and Aignep grew naturally, not only technically but also with human relationships – tells Samuel Bosio – In the case solenoid valves cooperation we had faced a problem with a previous supplier, therefore we started a research on the other suppliers. Aignep proposed itself, and during the tests, the company has met our highest satisfaction, proving that even for the new product they can guarantee the performance and quality that we expected and that they already guarantee for the supply of fittings and cylinders». Another reason for collaboration between Aquarama and Aignep is in designing of customized products. «Especially for cylinders, it always happen the need to have  handling measures ad hoc – explain Bosio – and even there Aignep is able to create for us a customized cylinder while they keep the same quality standards even in reduced volumes.»

The Fluidity of high estate and quality guarantees passage of Aignep water in the pipes.

Fittings and solenoid valves

Aquarama application use water which is treated first, then pressured and arriving directly on the car. The steps between the different phases take place thanks to a complex of pipes which, for every plant, measuring on average by 5-600 m to 1 km in length. The fittings Aignep applied on these pipes, under pressure of 70-80 bar and hot water sometimes, must ensure very high grip and quality of water flow. «To ensure an optimum cleaning performance of the vehicle it is essential that the high pressure reaches the car. – explains Bosio – Any pressure drop or water losses along the way can cause not only damages the system, but to also imply that the car is not as clean as it should». The solenoid valves of Aignep shall, instead, the opening and closing of circuits in the management of water: osmotic water, recycled water or water stream; typically with several (and specific circuitry to achieve) options that end users can choose, and managed by a PLC that provides different inputs at the solenoids themselves.

Cylinders for accurate movements

A fundamental factor of quality and operation of washing systems are in the end the cylinders, which must to guarantee accurate movements of washing and drying blades. «Especially in the case of vertical brushes cylinders should ensure that the brush will land in the exact positions on the car – indicates the ceo of Aquarama – to follow from time to time the different vehicle profiles.

Aignep move ther brushes according to on the shape of the car, and they have to be very sensitive to the input of the PLC providing immediately the right amount of air needed. Our applications require then finely regulated strokes, as well as to follow the outline of the machine can also be used only 1-2 mm stroke». The materials used are therefore fundamental, not only for the resistance to chemicals, but also because it will ensure the same reactivity under effect of expansion due to heat and cold. Other function performed by the cylinders Aignep is to give the correct drying blade inclination, so that the air flow is always a 45° on the shape of the car, to push and move the water away. Drying is carried out according to two step, back and forth, so the cylinder need to tilt the blade in both directions. This requires precision and strength, because each washing brush weighs about 20-30 kg while drying brush is about 150 kg.