Electromagnetic levels

Rapid Level celebrates 25 years

F.lli Giacomello snc was established in 1985 as family-owned company, with the aim of offering quality and originality to the market of level gauges.

Its production starts from the analysis of what is available on the market, with the target of succeeding in customizing the existing production and creating innovative products able to stand out from their competitors. In this context, in 1990 they devise RL, feather in the cap of the company. The electromagnetic levels existing on the market until that time had specifications that limited their potentialities:

  • Fixed intervention points, no longer modifiable after the production.
  • Problems with ferrous particles or filth contained in the liquid to be controlled.

Giacomello brothers study how to overcome these troubles and create a level gauge fully insensitive to impurities, of whatever kind they may be, and with a regulation that can be performed both before and after the installation. It is the birth of Rapid Level.

Over the years, they complete the range with new elements, like RL25ANNI, which make use of the same operation principle but proposing a fully glass-Nylon level gauge able to minimize also the price limits imposed by some applications. In 2014, they conceive RL/AT, level gauges able to withstand temperatures up to 200° C, with a structure fully made of AISI 316.

RL have assured the renown of F.lli Giacomello in the hydraulic sector, allowing the company to export its productive range to all European Countries and not only, especially thanks to their flexibility. RL can be stocked up and installed at the right time, without time wasting and useless transport costs.

Today RL are the unmistakeable mark of F.lli Giacomello. Many have tried to create copies of this patented level gauge, but the quality, the passion and the exclusive relationship that the company establishes with all of its customers are values that cannot be emulated.

In addition to all that, we must consider the company’s capability of in-house producing all of its level gauges and of checking and testing them fully because F.lli Giacomello firmly believe that taking care of each product and each customer with utmost attention is the secret of a durable quality in time.