Reducing energy consumption thanks to Atlas Copco oil free compressors

The new Atlas Copco compressor, thanks to its innovative technology, allows to reduce energy consumption by up to 35% at the Birra Peroni plant in Padua. Birra Peroni was able to test the reliability of the latest version of the “oil free” compressor for a few months before being launched on the market.

The new Atlas Copco oil free compressor reduces energy consumption by up to 35%, thanks to the dual motor configuration with an intelligent control algorithm that allows both elements to operate at different speeds.The new compressor  is in fact equipped with two high-efficiency  permanent magnet motors and incorporates the most sophisticated VSD technology (Variable Speed Drive).

Italian beer since 1846

The Birra Peroni plant in Padua has been using Atlas Copco oil free air compressors for around thirty years,

The Birra Peroni plant in Padua, which uses Atlas Copco oil free air compressors for around thirty years, is testing the new compressor in a world premiere. Birra Peroni has been producing Italian beer since 1846 with three production plants: in Rome, Bari and Padua for a total of five million hectoliters of beer a year, over one million of which are exported. The basic ingredients for making beer are water and barley, but also a great use of compressed air is necessary at all stages, from brewing to bottling.

The essential use of clean air

The compressed air is in fact the energy vector used to feed the valve actuators, to push thresheds, powders and exhausted flours, to operate the pistons in the bottling area, to eliminate CO2 from the tanks before bottling, to shake the bag filters eliminating the powders. The presence of residual oil vapors in these phases risks contaminating the finished product and the bottles, compromising the quality of the beverage that goes on sale. Therefore, to guarantee quality beer, it is essential to use clean air, that is air without any oil vapor, that can be found in food and beverages as residues of production processes. The use of energy-efficient compressors is also important: in the industrial sector, around 11% of electricity consumption is attributable to compressed air, with an incidence of energy consumption that can represent more than 30% of the electricity consumed by a company.

Atlas Copco oil free compressor, installed in the Birra Peroni plant.

The cooperation with Atlas Copco

«We have worked with Atlas Copco since the late 1980s, when the first machine was installed in our factories», says Carlo Artusi, Plant Technical Manager in Birra Peroni. «It was the beginning of a long-term partnership: since then three more compressors have been added, still operational: one in 1994, one in 2011 and the last one this year. The latest machine installed, the new ZR 160 VSD + compressor, works today for 6,000 hours, demonstrating its high reliability in the field. The structure and the tightness of the compression chamber ensure the physical separation between the oil and the air circuits, guaranteeing a Class 0 certified oil free air, essential to guarantee the non-contamination of the beer during the production process.»

«Compressed air is a science for Atlas Copco, and the technology of this new compressor demonstrates this: by adjusting the output airflow according to actual needs, the ZR 90-160 VSD + compressor significantly reduces energy consumption, costs and environmental impact», says Jeroen Hoen, Product Manager Oil-Free Compressors. «The water-cooled internal permanent magnet motors with IP66 rating, designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, contain oil-lubricated bearings for long life without maintenance.

In addition, all the parties involved in maintenance are grouped together to ensure maximum ease of access and minimum maintenance times».

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