A compact solution for small companies

Rotary vane compressors

The experience of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA (Vimodrone, Milan, Italy) in the design and production of rotary vane compressors is translated into a new range conceived for the needs of small companies and businesses.

The compact, competitive, high-performing and fast to install line of compressors is called Blade. Available immediately in three powers, 4, 5.5 and 7.5 kW, with F.A.D. from 0.60 to 1.085 m3/min and working pressures from 8 to 13 bar, it is the ideal answer when quality compressed air is required.

Blade also stands out for the colour in the classic “Mattei red”, a shade that recalls the company’s first machines, now offered again for the launch of these new models to emphasize Mattei’s long-standing tradition in the sector. The Blade compressors are available in the version with or without tank. In the near future the range will also include the package Blade SE variant, with a tank and air dryer.

How it works

Blade is a rotary vane compressor consisting of a stator, in which an eccentrically mounted rotor rotates tangentially to it. The rotor has longitudinal slots, which house the vanes, kept in contact with the stator by centrifugal force. Motor-compressor transmission takes place through high efficiency trapezoidal belts, the tension of which is ensured by a sliding belt tensioner system.

These are the benefits of the Blade rotary vane compressors:

Compactness. The limited dimensions of the pumping unit have allowed making an extremely compact machine, easy to position even in small areas.

Easy maintenance and long life. The characteristic design makes preventive maintenance operations simple and fast. The cast iron vanes and the bearings have a practically unlimited life, whilst the special vane rotating technology, without axial thrust, means cutlass bearings are unnecessary. In addition, the sliding belt tensioner system and the quality of the belts ensure their long functioning life. Special maintenance kits further simplify the operations of programmed maintenance.

Air quality. The integrated system of separating the oil in several stages, as well as allowing an exceptionally low consumption of lubricant, ensures a limited oil carryover of below 3 mg/m3.

Reliability and efficiency. Suitable for operating even in the most challenging applicative circumstances, the Blade compressors stand out for their reliability. The rotation speed range of the compressor is comprised between 1/5 and 1/3 of the rotation speed of a traditional belt drive screw compressor of equal power, with benefits not only in terms of reliability but also reduction of energy consumption and silence. The operating efficiency is further increased by the oil and compressed air cooling system, based on two wholly aluminium radiators.

Low noise. Vane technology ensures silent operating, which makes Blade compressors suitable for operating in all workplaces.

To manage and maintain the constant control of the Blade compressors, as well as to adapt their operation to the specific demands of the air supply to which they are connected, the easy to use Maestro XB Mattei microprocessor control device is offered, which allows different levels of programming and particular possibilities of analysing operation and any anomalies.

The range of Mattei Rotoroil lubricants, produced according to high standards of design and compliant with detailed technical specifications, ensures keeping high and constant standards of performance, reliability and safety in time.