Zec HTR thermoplastic tubes

Thermoplastic tubes for pneumatic applications

Zec HTR thermoplastic tube is widely used for years in industrial automation. This is a high quality product ideal for pneumatic applications, where it is required great reliability, good mechanical resistance and reduced bend radii.
The use of a special Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (Tpe or Teee) allows to achieve an excellent compromise between features of flexibility and resistance to pressure. Unlike traditional tubes made of thermoplastic flexible grade material, available on market today, these tubes do not contain plasticizers because the flexibility is guaranteed by their internal elastomeric molecular structure. Therefore, these tubes do not have the inconvenience of contamination by release of plasticizer resulting in tube stiffening. Htr tubes provide excellent chemical compatibility with oils and all polar fluids in general and hydraulic oils. They do not contain halogens. At room temperature chemical resistance is good also with polar fluids, glycols, higher molecular weight alcohols, weak acids and bases. Working temperature of these tubes is in the range -40Ā°C to +100Ā°C. For temperatures above ambient (23Ā°C), it is necessary to calculate the corrected burst pressure using a correction factor obtained by diagram. HTR tubes are in compliance with the European directives Reach (2006/1907/EC) and RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU).