Safety valves for hygienic applications: innovations from Goetze

With the hygienic series 4000, Goetze has launched safety valves made of 1.4404 alloyed stainless steel, which have an entire body made of fully forged metal. Goetze valves are always characterized by a slim design and a compact overall height. A low centre of gravity is also achieved with the pneumatic lifting device integrated between the body and the spring housing. As a result of the larger piston diameter associated therewith, the overall height remains low, larger actuating forces are achieved and the valve has improved stability.

The product space and thus the inner surfaces have a surface roughness of Ra≤.8µm. The outer surface is very smooth with a surface quality of Ra≤.6µm and without open or protruding components that could hinder the complete cleaning. There is also no safety device against an adjustment, which safety valves usually have implemented by means of a wire with a safety seal. Visible from the outside, such safety device is placed flush in the cap. For servicing and cleaning purposes, it can easily be dismantled and mounted using a standard tool. Unique in the case of safety valves for these applications, this is achieved without any changes or effects on the set pressure of the valve.

For the separation of the spring housing, with the wetted parts in the product chamber, the valve has a moulded diaphragm from the material FKM or alternatively EPDM. Due to the special contour of the diaphragm and the high surface finish of the completely mechanically machined surfaces as well as the special seal of all component connections, according to the principles of the EHEDG and FDA, all requirements are fulfilled. The valves are also suitable for automated CIP / SIP cleaning, which is used in many plants.

All hygienic and aseptic connections for these hygienic valves can be adapted variably. Depending on the application, the valve can additionally be equipped with the pneumatic piston actuator and / or a proximity switch for the display of the safety valve opening.

TÜV-Type tested and in accordance with the principles of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and DIN EN ISO 4126-1 for vapours, gases and liquids, the valves of all sizes can be used in many applications. In particular, they will be used in breweries and fermentation tanks, but also in systems of the dairy processing industry and in plants for the production of all types of food. The additional ASME approval available until the end of the year will open up further new markets.

Valves up to connection size DN 50 are also now.