SKF Motion Technologies becomes Ewellix

Daniel Westberg CEO of Ewellix.

SKF Motion Technologies, formerly part of the SKF Group, has announced that it is to launch a new name and branding, to reflect the changes that the company has undergone since it was acquired in December 2018 by Triton Partners.

With immediate effect, the company will be known as Ewellix: Makers in Motion. The new company name is pronounced ‘Eve-liks’.

The new business will build on its reputation as a leading development partner and manufacturer of advanced linear motion and actuation products and solutions, while focusing on the current and future technical and commercial challenges faced by its customers around the world.

Daniel Westberg, the CEO of Ewellix, explains that, «After 50 years’ operating as part of the SKF Group, we have a distinguished heritage. Today, with a new name and the backing of Triton Partners, we offer a unique combination of engineering skills, applications knowledge and product technologies, backed by significant investment, for a single common goal: the exclusive focus on the development of transformative linear motion solutions that empower customers throughout industry to reach new heights in productivity, performance, energy efficiency and profitability.»

Ewellix will focus its activities on a number of core areas: medical equipment; industrial automation; and mobile machinery – all with enhanced value created through sensor technology and data analytics. The company has nine advanced manufacturing centres in Europe, North America and Asia, over 1,400 employees and 16 sales and customer service locations.

Daniel Westberg adds, «Our existing manufacturing and sales centres give us a solid foundation on which to build. Our ambition is to grow our global operation still further as we transition from being primarily a product supplier to a leading provider of linear motion solutions built around customer needs. For example, we’re just about to establish new customer support centres in Hungary and India. We’re also working closely with customers in the automation sector to develop integrated systems that extend the capability of cobots and to replace traditional fluid power devices with solutions that offer a far better combination of performance, reliability, energy efficiency and safety.»

«These examples illustrate the benefits of having a single purpose. Just as importantly, as an independent business we’re now able to be far more responsive to customer needs, to become truly agile and customer-centric. Today, with the new company and the backing of Triton Partners, we’re building a business with a bright and exciting future.»

Country Manager for the UK, Olaf de Bakker, comments, «The launch of Ewellix represents the start of a new journey for the company. We have a proud heritage and a very strong team and product range. As Ewellix, we have the independence and flexibility to be able to respond even faster and more efficiently to the needs of our customers across industry. Not only that, but we now have greater freedom at a local level to innovate, apply fresh thinking, create new business models and use our skills, experience and resources to help customers develop ever more effective solutions to the challenges facing industry, today and in the future.»