Smart, decentralized and interactive pneumatics by Aventics

Aventics highlights for the main suppliers and manufacturers of the industrial automation world an even more advanced Industry 4.0, with the more and more perfect integration of the technology into products, able to communicate and interact one another autonomously in productive processes connected by smart grids.aventics

For years, Aventics has been promoting the electronics integration into pneumatics, with the target of supplying technologically forefront products involving a real benefit for customers, putting its expertise at their service, implementing customized pneumatic solutions.

Aventics products are already ready for the Industry 4.0, i.e. they are manufactured to facilitate the connections and the communication among components, as required by the most cutting-edge networking systems and by the so-called Internet of Things. Integrating the electronics into systems, Aventics creates a smart decentralized pneumatics, able to self-control, facilitating the plant monitoring, even at a distance, thanks to the data flow to be browsed remotely, too. The new AV05 valves are a brilliant example of it, with serial AES control system. The integration of the AES system increases exponentially the possibilities of connection and networking among components: pneumatic valves, sensors and actuators can mutually interact through two cables only for the feeding and communication.

The electronics of the AES system supports the most common fieldbuses and exploits Ethernet protocols to carry out control and communication functions among components in different automation environments, finding application in the most different sectors. With these products, Aventics proves it has accepted the challenge issued by Industry 4.0, designing and offering its partners a new advanced pneumatics, able to devise and to establish new standards for the engineering of the future.