Decentralized-intelligence hydraulics for machine tools

bosch-rexrothIn machine tools, installation spaces are a precious resource: the installation surface is in fact a decisive criterion for users. The newly conceived hydraulic unit CytroPac by Rexroth integrates all hydraulic and electric components in a very small space. The overall compactness is significantly enhanced by the smaller-size tank compared to central units with the same power, with an inner oil volume reduced to 20 litres. Besides, the new tank grants the correct oil deaeration, the filtering and the heat exchange, thus sharing in a longer service life of the fluid. The CytroPac solution is based on Sytronix drives by Rexroth.

The integrated frequency converter adjusts the motor speed in autonomous and proportional way to the requirements: this allows reducing the necessary energy, from 30 to 80%, according to the cycle characteristics, compared to fixed-displacement units that do not use inverter. All this helps machine manufacturers in complying with the European Directive 2009/125/EC for the ecologic design, concerning the reduction of the energy consumption, the emissions of CO2, as well as the provisions for the automotive industry, more severe also in the noise reduction. At the same time, the speed regulation, proportional to the requirements, reduces the fluid heating and the consequent need of cooling it; with the Heatpipe technology, Bosch Rexroth has also integrated a compact and innovative water refrigeration solution. The frequency converter, integrated into the body and conceived as a decentralized intelligence unit, communicates with the machine control through the most common Ethernet and real time interfaces: Sercos, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, as well as PROFIBUS. To carry out the commissioning, it is sufficient the connection to the electrical power supply, the communication with the control unit, the junction with the hydraulic and refrigeration water circuits. The CytroPac solution is already conceived for the high information requisites of Industry 4.0. The central control unit is constituted by the integrated frequency converter: already fully wired with pressure, temperature, level and contamination sensors, the integrated converter provides all the data to the machine control through a Multi-Ethernet interface so that, thanks to the constant detection of operation statuses, the user can identify quickly possible wear or malfunction phenomena and promptly intervene to solve them; moreover, the Ethernet connection to the control unit allows operators to modify pressure and volumetric flowrate in real time, irrespective of the place where they are. The particular tank structure coupled with the installation of the embedded hydraulic pump excellently insulates the main noise source directed towards the outside: therefore, machine manufacturers do not need expensive additional sound-absorbing coatings to comply with the rigid international provisions, about the typical sound emissions of the automotive sector, too. The new compact unit features IP 54 protection degree.