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Established in the early Nineties, DMG Meccanica produces machines for the implementation of stators for electric motors and alternators. Among the reasons for its success, the choice of staking on high-efficiency motors and the global market.


The culture of the electric motor automation has strongly developed in Italy in the Seventies and Eighties and from the spin-off of one of the leader companies on the world market was born, in 1992, DMG Meccanica, with the mission of exploiting the know-how of already experienced sector technicians, to release on the market machines intended for the production of stators for electric motors and alternators.  Machines devised, developed, designed and manufactured in Italy.

The line of DMG products can cover a wide range of applications, including: automotive alternators, home appliances, transmissions for hybrid cars, transmissions for fully electric drive cars, transmission for hybrid buses, motors for industrial applications and elevators.

The managerial choice, made already at the beginning of 2000s, of focusing not only on conventional machines but also on the design of machines dedicated to the production of stators assembled on high-efficiency motors turned out essential for the company’s development and has favoured its growth.

DMG Meccanica produces machines for the implementation of stators for electric motors and alternators.
DMG Meccanica produces machines for the implementation of stators for electric motors and alternators.

The specific know-how in this market sector, which has grown in time, has allowed DMG to implement products able to generate a competitive edge.

Another factor that has strongly shared in the good results of DMG Meccanica, in countertendency with a European scenario in economic recession, was the choice of addressing the global market, investing, from the commercial point of view, especially in the Asian market, which currently generates a relevant turnover portion.

The capability of engineering more and more efficient processes and the possibility of developing a customized process with focus on customers’ needs has allowed DMG to approach big world players in the production of electric motors and alternators, developing stable and durable partnerships.

The gained expertise and the innovation bent proved to be fundamental for the development of the manufacturing processes of stators intended for hybrid and fully electric drives, of which DMG Meccanica has long-term experience.

In the field of the electric hybridization of vehicles, DMG has contributed in the development of production processes and nowadays it counts numerous installations, successfully fulfilled, intended for the hybrid or fully electric drive for the automotive market and for the hybrid drive for the bus market.

The gained experience and the achieved results make DMG Meccanica the right choice for those searching for a proactive, reliable and experienced partner, able not only to supply machines and equipment but also to intervene already in preliminary phase of product design/development to verify feasibility and industrialization.