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A strong reliable partner in the automotive industry

With its acquisition of DMG meccanica, a leading machinery and plant manufacturer for electric motors, GROB strengthens its research and development work in electro mobility, expanding its portfolio, particularly in the automotive industry….

An expandable mandrel for the resin dispensing in motors application

For 40 years, Demak has been continuously developing new applications for the resin dispensing technology. The company produces equipment for the degassing, meter-mixing and dispensing of epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and many other kind…


Specialized in motor

Established in the early Nineties, DMG Meccanica produces machines for the implementation of stators for electric motors and alternators. Among the reasons for its success, the choice of staking on high-efficiency motors and…

Camozzi's strategy

A multi-technological approach

Camozzi’s strategy is based on the development of specific sector competences coupled with a multi-technological approach that integrates pneumatics, electrical actuation and proportional technology. Over the last few years, from a technological point…

For the second time the Italian company has adopted a Studer automatic grinding machine

Mini Motor “doubles” its precision

Mini Motor ‘s daily commitment is giving substance to the values that have always been the background of its activity; high-quality production and absolutely precise operativity, in order to offer the highest efficiency…

Quality, flexibility and service

Motors and gearmotors

Dagu Srl is an Italian company with over twenty years of activity behind, operating with growing success in the national and international market, with a wide and diversified range of electrical permanent magnet…

25 years of activity for Nord Motoriduttori

Motors & Drives, focus on internationalization

Family-owned company but with a mentality oriented to a long-term vision and to internationalization. This is Nord Drivesystems, German Group operating in Italy with a branch, that has recently celebrated its first 25…

Absolute reliability for specific applications

Electric motors and gearmotors

The Italian company Dagu Srl is now a concrete reality in the design and construction of electric motors and gearmotors. In a fairly rapid time, the company has been able to conquer a…

Execution wih brake

Asynchronous motors

All Elmor motors by Moratto (Breda di Piave, Italy), both three-phase and single-phase, are available with brake. These motors, on the non-drive end, are equipped with a electromagnetic spring-pressure brake with negative action….

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