Stainless steel pneumatic cylinders

Sturdy, resistant and easily cleaned, they have been designed by Artec for applications on machines that operate in aggressive environments where the contact with corrosive substances is possible .

The range of stainless steel cylinders by Artec, company headquartered at Cento, in Ferrara province, groups the lines named Y, X, Z and J. These types of pneumatic cylinders are highly suitable for uses on machines that carry out their tasks in aggressive environments. Stainless steel, in fact, provides better resistance and longer durability than the aluminium of standard pneumatic cylinders when it gets in contact with corrosive substances and chemical agents, especially in wet environments. The typologies of stainless steel used for the implementation of these cylinders are AISI 304 and AISI 316, which stand out especially for the excellent resistance to corrosion and the easy cleaning. The essential design, combined with the structural sturdiness, makes the stainless steel cylinders by Artec suitable for even the most complex and peculiar applicative systems, in the most different industries: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, marine and oil, among the others.

The lines of pneumatic cylinders called Y, X, Z and J are made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel.

The characteristics of the four ranges

The four lines of pneumatic cylinders share then the material composing them but they are obviously distinguished by fundamental features and details. The Y series represents the cylinders compliant with the ISO 15552 regulation. Made with round tube and tie rods up to the 125 mm bore, both of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, this series is characterized by the presence of the FDA-approved piston rod seal, which makes these cylinders compliant with the food and pharmaceutical sectors. The X line of compact cylinders in conformity with the ISO 21287 directive is made with round tube and tie rods, too, and includes cylinders with bores from 20 up to 200 mm. The Z range is instead composed by mini-cylinders according to the ISO 6432 regulation, with diameter from 16 mm up to 25 mm, highly resistant due to the double rolling assembly. Finally, the J range of round cylinders includes bores from 32 mm to 63 mm. The first three series of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders can be supplied by Artec in conformity with the Atex Directive 2014/34/UE, classification II 2 GD c T4, and therefore they can be used with full safety on instruments intended for uses in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Moreover, all four series of stainless steel cylinders by Artec can be implemented in suitable versions for high temperatures, thanks to the possibility of inserting seals with excellent thermal properties. As completion of the range of pneumatic cylinders, Artec supplies also fixing and mounting accessories for cylinders, they too made of stainless steel to provide the best performances on the machine. The Emilia company can manufacture also special versions of its cylinders, according to the specific requirements demanded by the applicative system. This is possible because Artec in-house manufactures all of its products and components: from the design phase, encompassing the material machining and assembling up to logistics, all productive phases are in-house accomplished inside the factory at Cento. Precisely for this reason, Artec can identify the most effective production solution according to the various circumstances.