Mattei EMD reinterprets the concept of thermal mass, due to its innovative adjustment system

Stop to condensation thanks to a new dryer

Mattei presents its new energy-efficient EMD dryer. This model completes the range of dryers designed to optimise the distribution of compressed air in plant systems, protecting them from damage due to the formation of condensation


Widely used in all industrial sectors, compressed air is saturated with water vapour which, if introduced into the production process, can seriously jeopardise the pneumatic equipment they contain.

Installing a dryer becomes an indispensable addition for eliminating condensation and other contaminating particles whose concentration increases when air is compressed. Having drier and cleaner air helps prevent adverse effects such as rust formation which can cause unnecessary expenses for production downtime, increasing breakdown risks for machinery and can even jeopardise the quality of the end product.

To better respond to these needs, Mattei offers a complete line of dryers, differentiated into models with refrigeration technology, which exploits the principle of condensation by cooling compressed air through a refrigerant circuit, and models with adsorption technology, where the drying process is done through adsorption with cold regeneration.

The latest addition to the range

The latest addition to the Mattei product line is EMD, the energy-saving refrigerating cycle dryer which is highly reliable with low operating costs.

An evolution on the previous HTMD model, the Mattei EMD reinterprets the concept of thermal mass, due to its innovative adjustment system which regulates the cooling power according to the capacity of processed air, guaranteeing an optimal energy solution according to the requested load, with significant energy savings, in addition to excellent dewpoint stability.

Featuring a carbon steel plate structure, EMD operates in support of environmental sustainability, using ecological refrigerant fluids with a low GWP factor (Global Warming Potential). The large size of its condenser makes its refrigerating circuit perform better. Easy and quick to install, always ready for use as it requires no pre-ignition, EMD is easy to maintain and ensures maximum operating reliability.

Mattei offers a complete line of dryers. MD 170 dryer.
Mattei offers a complete line of dryers. MD 170 dryer.

As with the other refrigerating cycle machines in the MD series (direct expansion) with an ultra-compact aluminium drying module, EMD is highly resistant to corrosion, offers excellent thermal conductibility, mechanical resistance and a high level of recyclability. The low pressure drops the circuit provides and the Alu-dry drying module optimise energy consumption ensuring significant energy savings.

Adsorption dryers with cold regeneration

Mattei also offers adsorption dryers with cold regeneration. The two twin towers loaded with adsorbent material generate alternating cycles of drying and regeneration which ensure continuity and constancy in the composition of the adsorbent material. Easy to install, extremely dependable, high performance and efficiency complete its profile. ADM range machines ensure top-quality compressed air that is particularly clean and dry. It is the perfect solution for applications requiring a dewpoint as low as -40°, such as with the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. They are also equipped with a silencer installed on the regeneration air blow-off pipe which reduces operating noise levels considerably.

All Mattei dryers are equipped with an efficient and precise electromechanical control panel, making them truly easy to use.


Who is Mattei

Ing. Enea Mattei SpA designs, manufactures and sells rotary vane compressors on a worldwide scale. This exclusive and distinctive technology has made it one of the authorities in the market segment of compressed air. Every year the company makes 6,500 rotary vane compressors, exporting more than 50% of its production.

Mattei is based in Vimodrone, in the province of Milan, and has two plants in Vimodrone and Verdello-Zingonia (Bergamo). It has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Great Britain and the USA, representative offices in Russia and Spain and numerous commercial partners in the rest of the world. In addition, to meet the growing demands of the South-East Asian market, since 2007 a Mattei production and assistance site has been operative in China. Founded in 1919, Mattei is still a family-owned company today.