Temperature probes

F.lli Giacomello widens its offer by adding to its items, besides “plastic plugs”, a range of products with very interesting features, able to satisfy the most different applications in optimal way: temperature probes. The latter take up the space provided for each common drain plug for tanks, central units, oil pans and can be equipped with various types of thermostat: with N.O. thermostat, they are used to send remotely an electrical signal when the liquid temperature exceeds a limit considered acceptable.GIACOMELLO 01

N.C. thermostats are instead generally used as thermal protectors: they take off voltage, stopping the plant when the temperature is as such as to be damaging. The standard series includes 50° – 60° – 70° – 80° C thermostats, with N.O., normally open, and N.C., normally closed, contacts. Besides thermostats, temperature probes can integrate PT100/PT1000 to have temperature signalling in continuous, managed by PLC. Both for the thermostat and the PT100/PT1000 version, it is possible to have probes with brass or Aisi 316 pockets, in order to reach the desired point. The technical characteristics of each product are completed by other elements that make the temperature probes by F.lli Giacomello very competitive on the market: excellent quality-price ratio and great compatibility.