A new catalogue by Euroswitch

Temperature sensors

New graphics and updated contents for the new Temperature Sensor Catalogue by Euroswitch. The Italian company presents its new-issue catalogue as a useful and valuable tool for manufacturers, customers, distributors, the press and in general all those who operate in the industry.

The brochure is immediately identifiable by its appealing cover, which features the classic grey-and-blue corporate logo, and its essential yet attractive graphics. The catalogue is printed into Italian and English. From a technical point of view it covers the macro-family of temperature sensors, and details their operating principles. It is complementary to Euroswitch’s other two brochures covering pressure sensors and level sensors, and the catalogues of fuel level sensors, and speed and Hall-effect sensors made by the other companies in the Mont.El Group. The three  Euroswitch Catalogues – Pressure Sensors, Level Sensors and Temperature Sensors – are easily recognisable by the differently coloured insert at the back of the cover.

All the catalogues can be consulted on the company’s website from where a Pdf version can be downloaded here: www.euroswitch.it.

Each catalogue contains general information, a detailed description of the operating principles for each range of products and the characteristics of each model. A data sheet showing technical data and types of application is also available as a r