Absolute reliability for specific applications

Electric motors and gearmotors

The Italian company Dagu Srl is now a concrete reality in the design and construction of electric motors and gearmotors. In a fairly rapid time, the company has been able to conquer a well-defined position in national and international market.

The positive results achieved and the growing success should be attributed mainly to three factors:

 Design and construction technology

The value of the product lies in the accuracy of design accompanied by high quality raw materials and components as well as by careful control of all the steps of the production process.

Starting from this conviction, Dagu invests a lot of time, resources and efforts for the planning process while keeping particular application requirements; an advanced laboratory of experimentation and testing, provided computerized data acquisition system is able to perform testing of endurance and mechanical stress.


An electric motor or gearmotor constitutes a component of an articulated and complex mechanical process, and must therefore be an added value for that process in which it integrates; starting from this precise awareness Dagu retains all its technological know-how in order to ensure to its own production the highest degree of temporal and instrumental reliability.

Applications needs

The application requirements often involve projects that go beyond the industry standards in terms of both functionality and quantities.

One of the most important added values for Dagu is the ability to develop  special motors designed to satisfy personal requirements of the customer and the ability to adapt and optimize production systems to the construction of large and small series. Another considerable non-standard feature of Dagu is the technical support service in design process and post sale phase.

Dagu production includes motors and electric motors with permanent magnets and collector for both direct and alternating current.

The motors can be combined with planetary  gearboxes, worm gearboxes, bevel helical gearboxes and parallel axis gearboxes.

The wide and diverse range of Dagu products is available with capacities from 30 to 2,000 W for continuous or intermittent service; Dagu motors are available with standard or special shapes and sizes, can be equipped with different degrees of protection, are available in sealed or opened, vented or non-vented versions.

Dagu also offers the possibility to equip their own motors with position sensors, electromagnetic brakes, EMI suppression filters, all on request.

The sectors that utilize motors and gearmotors Dagu are mainly the following ones:

– industrial cleaning machines, automotive, lifts, railway applications, robotics, lift trucks, door-opening automation, – solar panel adjustment, packaging machines, Industrial machines, ecc.. .

Dagu has obtained quality certification ISO 9001 and environmental certification ISO 14001. It has also the consensus to use in its own product  UL/CSA, CE e ATEX markings.