Teseo offers a compressed air line to the Brescia University

A detail of the compressed air distribution system donated by TESEO to the University
A detail of the compressed air distribution system donated by TESEO to the University

Teseo, specialized in the design and production of distribution systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other fluids under pressure, has donated a compressed air distribution system to DIMI, the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Brescia, for the Actuators and Components laboratory of the Machine Applied Mechanics unit.

The donation by Teseo includes 45 meters of AP28 aluminum piping with a diameter larger than 1 inch, drop columns, pressure gauges, couplings, joints and connection materials, besides the installation and testing service.

The Applied Machine Mechanics unit performs research in the field of simulation and experimentation of actuators for industrial automation, design of mechanical systems and servo mechanisms, kinematics and dynamics of industrial robots, models and procedures for the functional optimization of mechanical devices, robot calibration, biomechanical analysis of human motion, study and modeling of friction and lubrication.

[su_quote cite=”Gianfranco Guzzoni, CEO of Teseo”]Teseo has always maintained close relationships with the academic world, as we believe that collaboration between university and enterprise is essential to advance research in all industrial domains. Based on this close synergy, we were enthusiastic to equip the laboratory of the Applied Machine Mechanics unit of the University of Brescia with a Teseo compressed air distribution system, which we hope will be useful to professors and students.[/su_quote]

The activity of the Actuators and Components laboratory supports formal education in the classes, with the purpose of consolidating skills in the pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic domains, using dedicated panels and benches. The laboratory also performs testing activities for graduation papers and stages inside the university, concerning topics such as applied mechanics, electric and fluid drives, industrial robotics, automatic machinery and controls.